Gaga Over Yoga

Outfit details

Floral dress – Old Navy
Pink 3/4 cardi – Banana Republic
Sunshine leather wallet – Banana Republic, Gift from EM
Gold men’s watch – Michael Kors, Gift from Sissy
Nude pumps – Aldo
Gold earrings – Foxy, Gift from E
Friendship bracelets –  Philippines

What and Where

 Hello, my name is ML and I’m a Fashion Blogger.

Well, aside from being a Policy Analyst, a PR Director, Social Media Manager, Fitness Instructor and Yoga Teacher… to name a few.

It’s funny when I get introduced to friend’s friends or at events and I get to be mostly introduced as the Fashion Blogger. As flattering as it is (yes, I still do giggle when I hear it), it is a little bizarre sometimes and I feel the need the add the disclaimer that says — uhm, amongst other things.

Not that I don’t like being called a Fashion Blogger (although this has been a subject of contention amongst friends and colleagues) but I am so much more than that and I know you are too! Would it be cool to work completely in the fashion world? To be immersed in the world of designs, haute couture, runway shows, editorials, etc. every day of my life would be superbly exciting!
But I think I wouldn’t really want it that way.

All these different background, interests, disciplines make up my entire personality and how I live my life and interact with others. I believe we all have multiple dimensions within us and that it is important that we cater to all the different passion we have in life, don’t you think?
It is with this profound thought that J and I decided to have Fitness and Yoga-inspired shoot from time to time. That way we get to combine both Fashion + all the other things that move me in this life, whatever that may be.
So go ahead, introduce yourself!
Hello, your name is _____ and you are a Fashion Blogger. And what else are you?

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