Launching Adrain Wu Resort 2011

About a year ago, Adrian Wu taught himself how to sew.  Since then, his work has been at fashion shows in Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa.  If that isn’t enough, he has been featured in Flare magazine and Style Diaries.  There’s no slowing down for this young artist.   Now he is taking his art a step further by teaming up with the talented guys (Twenty York Street got MAD LOVE for these Cuties!) from Cloud in the Sky Studios to create “mini films”.

The launch of Adrian Wu’s first “mini film” showcased the collection, Resort 2011.  Held at one of the city’s hippest club/lounge – The Lobby, Cloud in the Sky helped launch AW’s Resort Collection 2011. They did a brilliant job producing the film which was inspired by Adrian Wu’s fascination with conspiracy theories of 2012 dooms day and the Mayan civilization.  The film was beautiful, eerie and mysterious.

For inspiration, I looked through Adrian Wu’s website:  His work cannot be described in a few sentences as there is so many wonderful, creative and different pieces.  When people ask me, “Who is Adrian Wu?”, my response is “an artist”.  Pure and simple.  His collections cannot be defined by fashion trends or expectations.  Each collection is clearly inspired by the imagination of Adrian Wu and nothing else. 
He is the one to watch. 

Marilou & Adrian Wu

Samara, Eric, Marilou, Ashelle & the lovely Ottawa Fashion Week Social Media Interns.
20YS team plotting on how to acquire one of Adrian’s creations…

The Resort 2011 collection is fabulous.  The dresses vary in dynamic shapes and patterns.  From single patterned, sleek and structured dresses to multiple patterns with dynamic shapes at the skirt or top.  There’s something for everyone who wants to make a statement. The 20YS team had a difficult time picking out  only one favorite as we all liked different dresses. 

The steal.
Photo above courtesy of Tania (T!) from The Taste of Fashion. 

Marilou definitely has big plans for this magnificent master piece.  She has teamed up with major talents in the city of Ottawa and the shoot has been scheduled.  But I can’t spill any more secrets.  So be sure to keep checking in.  It’s going to be big!
I want to say a special “thank you” to Cloud in the Sky Studio for providing 20YS with the video. These guys did an amazing job, as always.  The guys behind Cloud in the Sky Studios come from a variety of educational backgrounds but are all very creative.  This video production team can be seen around Ottawa (and they are absolutely on the fast track to expanding in Canada and the United States!) filming for many different things such as weddings, fashion events and corporate functions.  
More pictures and coverage of the Launch can be found at:
Cloud in the Sky Studios “CSS Update: Adrian Wu Resort 2011
Post written by Ashelle

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