Be Tough

Outfit details
Silk orange top – Banana Republic
Skinny denim jeans – Banana Republic
Navy blazer – GAP, Gift from EM
Gold chain necklace + matching earrings – Foxy, Gift from E
Gold statement ring – BCBG
What and Where
They say when it rains, it definitely pours purses and shoes, tops and dresses and bangles and stilettos! It is also true when they say, you can’t have it all! Sometimes you think you can but somewhere, somehow – some thing’s gotta give.
We here at Twenty York Street (‘coz you know it just ain’t me right?), have been very, very fortunate to have been given so many opportunities to explore a lot of the things we want to do and venture into other things we didn’t we can do or achieve. But that’s the beauty of human nature, isn’t it? There is that certain sense of tenacity and perseverance that no matter what, YOU will always prevail.
While we have been getting a lot of recognition and street cred these days, there are also those who are not quite happy about that. You know when people are so (or so it seems) supportive of you when you’re just starting out but when things actually start to happen, that same support is not quite hot as it used to be. Yes?
So, as my friend Grace (the Media Guru, the + force + mind + energy behind the very successful Within Essence Production)always say… it’s all about PERSPECTIVE.
And it is.
Do you agree?
much love.

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