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What do you get when you combine different yet complementary elements of Fashion, Style, Photography, Writing and Singing? Why, you get a very popular and brilliantly-run blog like The Black Label, of course! As one of the few male bloggers that I personally know, Andres or Andy stands out not merely because of that fact but he separates himself from the rest because of his warmth, kind heart (I always eagerly await when he visits Twenty York Street as he leaves the most positive and inspiring message, siempre siempre!) and his genuine interest in music and fashion.
Always looking dapper and put together, his style is ever-evolving with a very cool combination of hip, preppy, haute couture and edgy street style. His passion for fashion, music and photography is very evident in his blog while his writing is inviting and intimate that even if its your first time ever visiting The Black Label, you feel instantly welcome and connected to Andy!
Though The Black Label is barely a year old, fashionistas have started paying attention and why shouldn’t they be? Andy’s a force to reckon with, a true patron of high fashion that he’s been invited to the chicest of events at exclusive venues such as the Club Ibiza Panama and (I’m still super jealous about this!) he is also one of the esteemed guests at the much anticipated Panama Fashion Week!

Without further ado, it is my absolute pleasure to present to you my dear friend, Andy of the uber-cool fashion blog
On Style and Fashion… 

What and who influences your style? 

Well that´s a tricky question because I like watching fashion shows and men street style but at the decisive point I actually do what my mind comes up with in that very moment, I could say my style is mostly organic it just flows from the depths of my brain (haha oh gosh I´m so dramatic). But perhaps the only person that influences my style is my Mother..still today she always looks classy even at work…and That´s something I think imprinted on my style, no matter what you wear make it classy!
What’s your favourite outfit you’ve ever worn? 

If the previous was tricky this one is hard..oh let me remember, I think it was the outfit from my post “Academy Night” I wore a grey cardigan, a polo (which many people thought it was red it actually was a deep pink), khaki jeans and black shoes…I think its my favourite because I usually don´t dress according to a specific style but it was the first time I tried to do a preppy look…and it was also the first time I did color block which believe it or not is kinda hard for me haha

Any childhood or early fashion memory?
Well I remember it was around the time I was like 10 or 11 and being very picky about what I wore..and taking my time making ensembles…and spending hours at my closet just figuring out how to make new looks with what I already had.
Gotta ask this just for fun, fashion pet peeves?
Crocs!…I think that´s all I need to say!
A peak inside Andy’s closet and fabulous shoe collection! Luve!

On Blogging…

Why and When did you started Blogging? 

I started blogging in September 19, 2010…I decided after I attended a Style seminar which turned out to be my very first fashion event because I liked fashion but never dive that much into it…but a friend told me about and I said why not? There I was introduced to the world of fashion blogs and I thought it was really interesting and after opening my blog I knew I´d love it…besides my friends don´t really like fashion so it was a great way of reaching others with that same interest and share opinions and most of all learn about so many things and talented people…still today I think opening the blog was one my best moves haha.

What makes you come back to visit a blog? Do you have blog(s)/blogger(s) inspiration? 

As you may know I like to write and one of my standards for it is that what you write must always reach people there should be a certain part of yourself there that in some way makes me feel I am kinda listening to a point of view from a friend…I really find attracting blogs that make me feel that (I rely a lot on how things make me feel) and of course awesome styles, that´s always a great thing to see!
I’m nosy, what do you really do for a living? Would you blog full-time?
Actually I am a Lawyer….it is a nice career but I would love to do something that triggers my creativity and gets me close to any type of art…so yeah I would blog full time if I had the chance!
Andy’s Fashion Idol: Tom Ford.
On Lovin’ Life…

What 3 things do you wish someone had told you when you were younger?

1. Fidelity might sometimes be just a one way street!

2. You would be lactose intolerant..If I had know this, the first time I realized it wouldn´t have been so embarassing!

3. Never try to take away food from a dog with you bare hands (even if the food might not be good for the dog) I learned this the hard way!

What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?
I find it very comical that the most adventurous thing I did was completely by accident..I was on a car with some friends..and suddenly the one driving decided he wanted to be a car racer, it was late at night so the street was empty, and he speed it up so much that in the moment we hit a curve the car ended up going one side only in two wheels haha…I was terrified, surprised, a little bit thrilled and at the same time scared to death!..And I think I screamed a little..just a little…

Describe your perfect day/perfect vacation?

My perfect vacation would be going a road trip with my best friends..I´ve always wanted to do that…I think it would be a great adventure and at the same time a really life changing experience, you know..just you and the world…that would be awesome.
                                   3 Things I can’t live without:                                     
1. Chapstick
2. Music (it feeds my soul)
3. Laughter (living in a world where no one laughs is like being dead to me)
Fill in the blanks…
Whenever I’m bored I usually: Look for tv show bloopers on youtube, works every time!
Don’t tell my husband but I love: Well I don´t have a husband ha ha!
This year, I want: Loose all the weight!! I´ve been fighting that for too much time!
If I had superpowers, it would be: Electric Powers! Hell Yeah! Not for anything useful I just happen to like them ha ha, I wish!

Twenty York Street asked me about: I don´t know..anything you like..I can guarantee you I´ll always have an opinion.

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