Summerlude at The Top of The Rock

What do you get when you put together a bunch of incredibly talented and beautiful people who has formed a virtual community in the ever burgeoning world of Twitter, a gorgeous summer day in the city and bottomless pitchers of ice cold sangria?  
Why, the very successful #Summerlude Tweet-up, of course! (Hashtag intended.) 
Bespectacled Beauties: Ottawa’s darling TV Host and Ballroom Dancing Queen, the lovely TL Ryder, ML and Aimee, Community Leader/PR Officer of PMSC.

The very warm, lively and welcoming host of the Summerlude Party: Mary Taggart of Ottawa Home Magazine.

Perfectly located at the rooftop patio of the Hard Rock Café on York Street, the party was executed smoothly. Clad in a brilliant blue, tie-dyed strapless sundress, the affable host Mary and Summerlude’s co-hosts (thank you!) made sure that all elements of a terrific patio party are present, even the latin music was a superb match to the very refreshing sangrias to the well chosen group of twitter invitees!

With Christine, the very chic and proficient PR Director of the Ottawa Fashion Week.
What’s classic in the summer is classic all year long: Beautiful smile and Aviators!
Bang sisters, yes?!
One of Ottawa’s Top Make-up Pro, TV Personality and Beauty Blogger, Melody of Melody and Jezebel Beauty Blog.
ML, Juliana of the recently launched Haute Couture Line: MIIKALI and Aimee, Community Leader/PR Officer of PMSC.
Ms. Kelli Catana, the Pop Culture Queen and Yummy (Yummy!) Mommy Blogger – Confessions of a Pop Culture Mommy.
She keep us all informed and entertained with her highly enjoyable tweets – there was no way I was leaving the rooftop of the Hard Rock Cafe without meeting the gorgeous Ms. Kelli! Also had the pleasure to meet the sharp-witted and funny Mommy Blogger Candace – you DO NOT need a make-over! I’ve recently discovered her blog and have been enjoying it ever since! The wonderful Anathea of the famed Ottawa Marriott and the highly talked about Spin Kitchen Bar is an actual real person! Who knew? =)
I was absolutely looking forward to put a pretty face to the familiar names that Twenty York Street has been following via Twitter and sure enough, this widely-attended event was just the perfect occasion to do just that.

(L-R) The vivacious Loukia, mommy blogger of the award-winning blog: Loulou’s Views,Twitter’s Ms. Kelli Daisy, ML and Juliana, Chief Designer – MIIKALI.

The very talented and charming Natalie, Social Media Photographer and owner of NDS Photography in action.

Editor’s note: First the bangs, now the (very toned and tanned) shoulders too! Coincidence, much?
(L-R) The statuesque model and fashion blogger, Erica, ML, Melody, TL, TV Host Lianne Laing of ‘A’ Morning CTV Ottawa, Natalie and one of Ottawa’s top wedding and portrait photographer, the wonderful Amy of Amy Symes Photography.

Photo evidence, Exhibit A: a certified fun and successful summer party is a very empty cocktail drink!

With the social butterfly and photographer Arne Berg of Ottawa Arne! Though not in the photograph, Stephen of Ottawa Kiosk was also present at the HRC.
David and Goliath: The “J”, Official Photographer and Artistic Director, Twenty York Street  (also Founder and Chief Photographer of You Got Squared Studio)
and the pertually cute Aimee.
The discussions were animated and boisterous and the mood was light and festive! I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate summer and finally take Twitter friendships and connections IRL!
Oh, don’t even pretend you don’t know what that means!

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