My Angel

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone that no matter how long you have been together, it seems like you don’t really know that person at all? That there is that certain sense of familiarity, of course but on a deeper level, you don’t really know what the person thinks or how he/she would react to certain things?
What about someone whom, relative to all the other people in your life, you’ve only really known for a shorter period of time yet, it seems like you ‘ve know this person forever that you connect in a very organic and profound manner? It doesn’t mean you can predict all their thoughts, actions and reactions but it means that at any given time and circumstance, you can always rely on this person – no matter what!
Well today’s story is about the second one. It’s about a very treasured friendship that had the most significant impact in my life. I don’t there are enough words for me to express how much gratitude and love I feel and how superbly blessed I am to have her in my life. In our lives, really. The truth is, she has not only captured my heart and have shown me what true love and endless generosity is, she also won my family over that she has been welcomed warmly with more than just open arms but with open hearts.
She is well-loved and venerated by all and its just rightly so. She has that warmth of spirit that radiates from within her that it instantly puts people around at ease. She is positively gorgeous not only on the outside (and I don’t say this lightly) but she is truly beautiful on the inside. She may not know this but I have always admired her tenacity, her courage and determination however over time, I have to say that  my absolute respect and admiration for her has grown exponentially.

I have been through what seems like an unending massive roller coaster ride. During the last several months, some of you may know of the pains and challenges that I have been battling through but with the endless support of my family, the immeasurable love and care of friends and the infinite encouragement and incessant cheering up of my dearest Bestfriend, I was able to keep my sanity somehow intact and I have, for the most part, remained true to who I really am.

In my darkest of hours, she wrote me, e-mailed me, FB’d, texted, tweeted and called me and it has never failed to lift my spirits up. I want to share this with you because love and friendships are important stories to tell as they not only enrich our lives but sometimes, they tend to save us from ourselves.

I also want to share with you a very invaluable message (see below in purple) I received from her when I was in my lowest of lows. She doesn’t know I am posting this (sorry!) and she doesn’t know I have printed a copy of her words and have kept it in my person at all times, wherever I go. As you’ll see when you read such heartfelt message, I am not the angel but she is.

I am beyond blessed and fortunate to have my Bestie and my angel in my life…

 Pearl Rose Gegueira-Parcon

YOU will always have a Friend, a Bestie, a Big Sissy, a Follower, a Buddy, a Sweetie, a Babe, a Baby, etc.
In ME.
If only I can share some of those aches so you will feel a bit relieved. My mind/brain will instantly race to find ways and means to solve your problems. Silently, I know there has to be a solution! This has to end, coz this can’t go on forever.

My Bestie shouldn’t suffer pain, coz It’s not fair. She’s my Bestie, for me and to All those who loves her…

We know she is the Best. The Best should be on top not Down below, she should be Smiling not Crying.

Photos Courtesy of Sexy Frau!
(Huge thank you to the very talented Ms. Frauline Miralles! You are terribly missed!)

Nobody has the right to do such evil on Her, we will do everything to protect her, to make her happy…

‘Coz We Love her very much!

She made our lives worth living, She’s always there to brighten our darkest days…

She’s the Angel in our Lives.

I’m here for YOU…

Rain or Shine 🙂




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