I AM FASHION: Rip the Fab Lane 2011 was an amazing show with a fabulous designer line up. The fashion show was founded by the beautiful Gwen Madiba and in partnership with media maven, Grace Mayele from Within Essence Productions.  To say that both these ladies are highly motivated and ultra-talented young professionals is a huge understatement. The entire team of Twenty York Street would like to pay major respect for these fabulous young entrepreneurs – Congratulations! Gwen and Grace came together in a strong, united partnership and both really outdid themselves with this year’s Rip the Fab Lane extravaganza.  
All of the designers showcased were edgy, couture and yet wearable by anyone who wants to make a statement.    The best part was that there was a diversity in the models size and body types.  This is something that is beautiful to see.  Every single one of the models were stunning and showed off the amazing outfits that complimented them.  
With metal and spikes, the pieces of frAsh were edgy.  Some of the pieces were so versatile that they could be worn in many different ways: sideways, piled on together and can even be worn backwards.  There were bold and unique chokers, which were reminiscent of the 90’s punk yet there were also elegant crystals and timeless gold that juxtaposed the rock ‘n roll feel with glam and elegance
Photograph above taken by J, YouGotSquared

M+ by I B I S M
I B I S M stands for: “I Believe in Something More”.  A fresh and feminine line complete with soft neutrals, lace and silk.  The textures and colours of each piece is unique and wearable for any woman who wants to show off that soft feminine side.  It was hard to pick favourites as everything was something I would love to own but a few that stood out were the black lace romper and the beautiful silk mini dress.  

Three photographs above taken by J, YouGotSquared

Photograph above from Davida Ocran Photography.

MIIKALI could be described as having very classic designs.  Silk dresses, ruffles on the shoulders and tight colourful patterns, all with a very structured and flawless look.  This collection is full of beautiful outfits that could be worn for a more edgy professional look or a night out on the town. Each beautiful piece was constructed with a thoughtful process of bringing together form and function.
MIIKALI is Classic? Yes. Touch of whimsy? Absolutely!

Photograph above taken by J, YouGotSquared

VIVI by Geneviéve Couture
Tulle, silk and bright patterns of Geneviéve’s couture creations were all so beautiful.  The spring teaser  was fun, and a favourite of mine was the wrap around silky pants which is amazing for any occasion. When the wedding dresses came out, every dress was so unique and fabulous.  Tutu, feathers, ruffles and flare.  Even though I’m no where to being engaged, every dress brought butterflies and a strong desire to be looking for a wedding dress.  But the best part was having the designer, Geneviéve herself come out with a rocker feel & flip off the crowd.  She’s my kind of girl.  
Photograph above taken by J, YouGotSquared

Photograph above from Davida Ocran Photography.

A lingerie store showed off a few of the sexy items you can find at the boutique.  From white innocent looking ruffles, to bold colours and to the classic seductive black.  There was an item for every girl, with any kind of style.  
Handsome men in classic clean cut looks of Mexx made me want to scream out “encore”.  Every outfit was perfect for either work, a night out or for semi-formal occasion.  The women looked equally beautiful in the classic attire.

Photograph above taken by J, YouGotSquared

Pride and Ego by Thierry Kasende & Be You Till Full by IMFRESH

More of the fabulous mens’ fashion.  IMFRESH was fun, colourful and bold statement t-shirts. The tighter fitting shirts had statements like “I am whatever I want to be” and “Be-you-till-full”.  The fun music and dance moves of the models really added to the great atmosphere of the fashion show.

INMYSKYVVYS by Lynn M. Sainté
Beautiful, colourful African tribal patterns were strutted down the runway.  Every outfit was so rich in colours, textures and patterns and paired with more urban item or a unique and perfectly matching accessory.  Every outfit had a great summer feel, which inspired a recent purchase of a bright printed romper from H&M.  But as soon as I find out how to order from INMYSKYVVYS, I’ll be browsing for myself.   

Photograph above taken by J, YouGotSquared

Photograph above from Davida Ocran Photography.
Gwen is a busy women, because not only did she put together this wonderful event along with being an exceptional host and model but she was also one of the designers showcased at the fashion show.  Every  item of hers was so unique.  From leather bows, structured couture shirts, cocktail dresses, colour blocking, bright minis, feathered skirts and feminine rocker shirts – they were all beautiful.  My favourite part was the diversity of models who strutted their stuff in the fabulous outfits.  Everyone was so different and beautiful wearing complimentary pieces.

Photograph above from Davida Ocran Photography.


The Twenty York Street Team and Guests of I AM FASHION: Rip the Fab Lane:

Myself, Ashelle with Maria & Marilou 

ML and the fabulous girls of Banana Republic: Client Service Manager, the always chic and classic Ms. Maria Esperon, the gorgeous Sehr Quareshi and the fabulous Elysha.

Two photographs above taken by J, YouGotSquared
The exciting surprise of the evening was when Marilou won the award for this year’s “Best Dressed Female”, along with Spencer Edwards from www.proprpostur.com who won the award for “Best Dressed Male”.  The award itself came as no surprise to me, but the best part was seeing Marilou literally Rip the Fab Lane.  
Marilou’s Cocktail Dress & Hair Accessory: MIIKALI by Juliana Giraldo

Two photographs above from Davida Ocran Photography.


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Post written by Ashelle & edited by Marilou

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