How Neutral Can You Go?

Oufit details

Printed silk dress – __, Gift from Pearl
Basket weave leather belt – Banana Republic
Men’s watch – Michael Kors, Gift from Sissy and Auntie and LJ
Pyramid bangle – House of Harlow, Birthday gift from Natalie

Customized gold ring – frAsh, Birthday gift from Isobel
Nude pumps – Aldo
What and Where
If there’s any outfit, colour ensemble that I find really difficult together – it’s neutrals. I may have mentioned once or twice that my closet consists of mostly dark colours – greys and blacks are the most dominant, followed by bold colours and the random prints/stripes or florals.
I love neutrals. There is something chic and easy breezy about them that I personally think its so effortless to look so sexy in them in a very fresh and not trying too hard way. But that’s the thing, when I wear neutrals – I am trying too hard!
Every man and woman knows putting black on is as easy as counting 1-2-3. Unless of course you’re a baby and you’re quite not there yet. The point is, with black – is like Kevlar, it’s a fashion protection. You most likely won’t get criticized for wearing it (unless of course, you were going to La Nuit Blanche) but you ain’t winning the most avant-garde in fashion award either.

Sometimes, we need to make a conscious decision that we have to push ourselves outside of our fashion comfort zone. Alors voila! Here’s my concerted attempt to be all-neutral, I’m neither left-wing or right-wing. I’m neither black or blue.
Photos courtesy of J – You Got Squared Studio.
What about you, do you have a fashion comfort zone you want to successfully break out of right now?

Excitng News: Watch out for my much anticipated feature on Tuesday at one of my (and I’m sure yours) favourite blogs!

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