Grecian Goddess

Outfit details

One-shoulder summer dress – Ocean club, Gift from Pearl
Chandelier earrings – Road Trip, Gift from ME
Men’s gold watch – Michael Kors, Gift from Sissy and Tita
Animal print wallet – Banana Republic
Classic tan wedges – Steve Madden

What and Where

Lately, I’ve been a bit obsessed about one-shoulder everything. I mean I’ve always liked it – for me, shoulders are inherently beautiful and with a one-shoulder outfit done right, it can be both demure and extremely sexy at the same time. I suppose the half-hidden half-exposed look certainly plays up to our psyché of mystery, of something kept a secret and perhaps, illicit and therefore, it becomes automatically, well for a lack of a better word, HOT! 

It’s not a huge surprise that one-shoulder designer dresses are particularly a regular at all red carpet events and award shows. From a fitness point of view, shoulders are one of the easiest areas to develop muscle tone on as it shows weight training results right away. The shape of the bone structure itself, the smooth curves on both sides connect all the way to your arms that it naturally gives this elongated silhouette of your upper body. I know I’ve talked about choosing my legs as my favourite physical attribute, shoulders come as close second.

Really felt silly doing the caged-animal poses but questioning J may not be a good idea if I want to have any sorts of photos here at Twenty York Street!

What about you, what summer trend are you especially loving right now?

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