Fashion Blogger – ISDATCHU?

Sometimes we know that from the very start. Sometimes (and for most of us, myself humbly included) we learn the hard way. Though it would be superbly terrific if we are all skilled and talented in every way,  and there are those fortunate individuals that are – this merely defines a miniscule fraction of the population.  
While it is good to know a little about everything, I think it is better to know about some things but know it very, very well. Everytime I hear someone being referred to as a Jack of all trades, the connotation doesn’t necessarily point towards praise and admiration. Whenever I see a fashion blog that posts just about anything under your Banana Boat sun – from the funny kitties singing acapella to the yummy brownies Aunt Matilda baked last weekend to a brief and thoughtless commentary of who wore the worst designer dress at the last Globe/MTV/Emmy/Oscar/God-knows-what Awards to the super cute yellow jumper bought at Forever 21 online – I conclude either of the following scenarios:
1- That this is the blogger’s online diary of his/her life and interests, which by all means, is perfectly acceptable. Why not? It is afterall that blogger’s blog, isn’t it?
2- This blog in an evolution and is currently in the process of discovering its niche or focus and I think most blogs go through this process of transition at some point in time.

I’m certain that there is a significant apetite for blogs that publish a consortium of topics that can rival the gigantic inventory of the local retail giant Walmart, I personally am not a huge fan of point number 1. On the other hand, I am a loyal supporter of point number 2. Some blogs started out with the main goal of photographing street styles, some to showcase their daily OOTD (that’s Out of the Day to you Mr. J!) and recent retail purchases, others provide online critique of store or designer’s current collections and most, a combination of these different elements. 

Continued below, read on…

Outfit details

Paisley sundress – Flea market, Gift from my cousin Andreu ($3.00)
Gold men’s watch – Michael Kors, Gift from Sister and Aunt E
Gold earrings – Gift from EM (Love ’em)
Summer copper sandals – Mendez, borrowed from Aunt E

What and where

York Street, Byward Market: Friday night wine and lounge at the rooftop patio.

Photos courtesy of J, You Got Squared Studio.

As the individual(s) behind the blog grows over time, with the valued feedback and continued support from its readers/followers, so does the blog – its thesis, content, design and sometimes even the name of the blog itself changes. I’d be the first one to tell you that Twenty York Street has grown by leaps and bounds (and so have their wardrobes and shoe collections).  While 20YS remained true to its original objective of featuring my personal take on fashion and presenting my own distinct flair to trends and classics,  we continue to shine the spotlight on deserving talents, designers, artists other bloggers and various fashion and lifestyle events in the city (and sometimes the world). We have, for awhile now, expanded into a full grown team that provides a range of services – from editorial fashion shoots, model porfolio photography, Public Relations Management, event coverage, marketing strategy , project management and many more.
We have been absolutely fortunate to be presented with so many opportunities by so many  that helped us grow into what we are now. Thank you from the bottom of our swarovksi-encrusted hearts.

Now my dear blogger sisters and brothers, what kind of a fashion blogger are you?

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