Afternoon at Lilac Lingerie

For some, the quality sought out for undergarments is whatever’s most comfortable.  While others want the most luxurious of silks to be touching their body.  Personally, I fall somewhere in between but consider myself clueless in the world of bras, panties and lingerie.  Thankfully, there’s people like Emilia from Lilac Lingerie.  This week, I had the pleasure of meeting with the owner of this trendy Westboro lingerie boutique.  Emilia is the kind of person who makes talking about undergarments as comfortable as talking about the weather. 

For anyone who hasn’t been to Lilac Lingerie before, it’s a boutique located in the heart of Westboro, specializing in bras for women who have smaller breasts.  As one of these women, I must admit that when Emilia explained to me that her goal is to provide beautiful and fitted bras to women who are smaller, I smiled in relief.  The stories she told of some women buying misfitted bras or from the youth section is something all too familiar for myself.  Lilac Lingerie provides bras, panties and lingerie that are womanly with lace, silk and satin.  And I must admit that while browsing the store, there were many items that I wished to own for myself. 
Besides the speciality of smaller bras, a customer of Lilac Lingerie can also find bras with sizes ranging from AAA to G cup and 30-38 band size. Lilac carries bras and lingerie for every phase a woman may go through including a bridal and nursing collection. 

Recently, Lilac has relaunched the blog section of their website.  With the relaunch there has been a noted change in types of blog posts.  The posts have become more informational and thought-provoking while still providing important product details.  Emilia revealed that the change has been influenced by customers and frequently asked questions.  In addition to the blog, Emilia spills plans to create a new section of the website where customers can browse the selection of bras, panties and lingerie before coming into the store for personal fitting.  This new feature is planned on coming out sometime after the summer. 

One of my favourite posts is entitled, “Women Need Curves” by Emily Brown of Tinfoils Tiaras.  In this post, Lilac Lingerie model, Julia is interviewed on her opinion on the recent adoption of “no retouching” policy by Jacob Lingerie.

Lilac was showcased recently at I AM FASHION, where everything from bridal items to brightly printed chemises and classic black bustiers Ripped the Fab Lane.  The next event will be during this  weekend for West Fest, where lingerie models will be elegantly lined up in front of the boutique. 
During my visit to the store, what I enjoyed the most was the elegance of the boutique.  Followed closely by the beautiful collection of bras and lingerie.  The prices are fair and comparable to the major bra chain companies.  However, the service you’ll receive is exceptional.   So much so, that a customer raved about the boutique and everyone who works there to myself as we enjoyed a cold glass of water.  Which, on a 32ºC (about 90ºF) hot summer day was more than appreciated.   

If you plan on being in Ottawa this weekend, be sure to check out the lingerie models outside of Lilac Lingerie boutique at 307B Richmond Road, during West Fest.  I really enjoyed chatting with Emilia about lingerie and being able to browse the boutique.  Next time I go bra, chemise or bustier shopping, I will be sure to make Lilac my first stop.

Until that time, I plan on dropping many hints to my boyfriend that Lilac Lingerie has the option of buying gift certificates online.  With our upcoming anniversary it would be a great FYI just in case he leaves the gift buying to the last minute.

Post written by Ashelle 

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