The Comeback

Skirt as dress, courtesy of Kania.
Customized gold cuff, courtesy of frAsh.
I know… I know… what a pretty lame hello, isn’t it? I could have started with the French Bonjour, the casual Hey or the ubiquitous Hi of course but for some reason, it is Howdy today! A short form of how I exactly feel after having been away for what seems like such a long time now!
As you are aware, I left for my much-awaited annual leave about 4 weeks ago and now, all that seemed just like yesterday! It is true what they say, time flies so fast when you are away travelling, you are completely immersed in what you are doing or you are simply having way too much fun!
All those and more are exactly how I felt when I went away to take a break from here. A break physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I wanted to not only visit family and friends but to also rediscover myself, to find who I really am and what values and priorities are important for me.
Pretty tall order for a short but sweet pre-summer trip, isn’t it? I truly believe so too but at the same time, I can tell you to say  that yes, I was able to achieve these goals that I’ve set and I’m happy to report that I’ve re-discovered me again!
Despite all the trials and tribulations that I am going through right now, at the end of the day, I am still very fortunate and truly loved. Yay! The last four weeks have been a great manifestation of that love and care from family, friends and you guys! For all of you who follows and say hello and for all of you my dears (Oh Ashley, how could I ever thank you?), who while I was away, painstakingly and amazingly ran the Twenty York Street blog.
Thank you for coming by and getting to know me and know one another, I am sincerely glad that you are with me on this journey!
So, all that to say that I’m back and I’m ready to rock ‘n roll!
Are you?

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