Royal ParTea

On Thursday, April 21st, I attended a fundraiser for the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation, the St. Laurent Centre’s Royal Partea.  The Royal ParTea had a special guest speaker, Jeanne Beker, who was amazing.  The best part of this spring afternoon was that over $20, 000 was raised for the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation A special thanks to Stephanie from Knock on Wood for the invite & great opportunity to cover this event.

Besides the fierce fashionista that is Jeanne Beker, there was also some local Fashion Bloggers in attendance. The beautiful Erica Wark from Erica on Fashion was there in a stunning yellow dress.

The decor was beyond beautiful.  Classic white pieces with modern accessories and a hot pink accent, it was tea party chic.  This style is the perfect inspiration for any fashionista looking to redesign her dressing room or tea parlour…  A girl can dream, right?

The Walk About Fashion Show, showcased clothes from the St. Laurent Centre and fashion inspired by Kate Middleton.  The show displayed beautiful pieces perfect for any spring day.  The clothing tended to be light neutral colours with bright accents but there was the occasional fun, bright and bold patterned dress.  And the hats!  An English tea party isn’t complete without a few fabulous hats in the mix.  

For more pictures and reviews on the event.  Here are some local fashion bloggers who did some great coverage:

The talk by Jeanne was entertaining and fun, she opened with all the details of the wedding for fans to follow the action.  Jeanne shared her story on how she got started in the fashion industry.  It was amazing to hear all of the hard work and dedication she did in order to get where she is today.  Before fashion, Jeanne had a diverse resume which included; working as a mime artist in Paris, to CBC Radio as an arts and entertainment reporter, to City TV as a launching host for “The NewMusic”. In 1985 ,  Jeanne found fashion, becoming the host of FashionTelevision. Jeanne has experienced hardship throughout the years but has beat it all, coming out stronger and wiser for having the battle. 

With her experience in the fashion world, it comes as no surprise that in 2010, Jeanne launched a fashion line called “Edit”.  In one year, the line has expanded to 85 stores across Canada and introduced plus sizes, with the sales going through the roof.  Jeanne’s involvement with the line is very much like an editor.  She’ll consult with the designers on materials and changes to clothing so that they can be worn season to season and mixed up.  The goal of the line is to make clothes for the busy working woman who might not have the time to shop for a great wardrobe but still want to look fabulous.  With this in mind, one charity that Jeanne mentioned as being important is “Dress for Success“, which is a non-profit-organization that provides people the tools and resources to obtain and retain a profession.  

Jeanne really is a fashion and personal inspiration as she is proof that if you work hard, any goal can be obtained. Throughout her talk she would offer words of encouragement to the audience.  One of the my favourites is that the older you get, the better you get; not only will you have accomplished more, but you’ll be more comfortable with yourself.  However, comfort doesn’t mean lazy as it is important to continue to “reinvent yourself” and make things new.
To keep up on the fashion scene and current events, Jeanne is always reading the news whether it’s printed or electronic.  Whenever there’s time, she has admitted to browsing fashion blogs.  In the question and answer section, Jeanne says that blogs are great in that they have democratized fashion.  

From all of the many beautiful words of Jeanne Beker, what I will remember most is her strong encouragement to continue writing.  Whether the writing is for the public or personal, it can be a therapeutic activity.  As someone who is just starting to write again after about an eight year break, these words will be my drive to continue, to improve and not to give up.

Overall the Royal ParTea charity event was a great success that I hope becomes an annual occurrence. The money raised for the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation will go to great use.   One of the amazing things being done by this foundation is the Maplesoft Centre, which will be the region’s first cancer survivorship centre.  The centre will be a place for refuge, reflection, support and empowerment for survivors and family of cancer.  It’s still not to late to give to this amazing foundation, just click here to donate.

Pictures taken by Amy Symes
Guest post by Ashelle of Pink Beautiful Love

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