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Oui, J’adore…
Mais, je ne parle pas du Christian Dior though I do love that perfume and its beautifully shot campaign. I’m talking about something that should come so naturally amongst us but sadly, it does not. I’m not sure when exactly I made a conscious declaration to pay more attention to this curious phenomena but I have noticed something more and more these days.
What is it you ask? Well, here’s the deal: if you disagree with me, please feel free to put your hands up in the air and say it isn’t so! But if you do agree with me, promise me you’ll take the time to leave a comment here and then share this post to pass the word around, yes? Have we got ourselves a deal ma ladies and dapper gentlemen?
 I have keenly observed two very bizarre aberrations. A – Why is it so hard for people to accept compliments graciously? Time and again, I’ve noticed that there is an actual unease and instant awkwardness whenever someone is presented with praises and compliments. Most of the time, we (I admit I am guilty of this too), women especially, tend to either: downplay the admiration, brush off the adulation, change the subject, fire off an instant “you look great too” or thank the person so profusely, it almost sounds like an apology.
B – the second anomaly I’ve noted is something I can comprehend even less than Point A as this has nothing to do with the external world. It is not dependent on what others say and how they see you. This is all about you and how you view yourself and your qualities. Having taught fitness and yoga for almost 10 years and having been invited to judge numerous beauty pageants, it always sort of disappoint me whenever I see girls/women get hesitant over the question – what do you like most about yourself?
Let’s think about that for a moment, shall we? Now, let me ask you – what do you like best about you? It may be your quick wit, your charming smile, your expressive eyes, your prominent nose, your adorable freckles, luscious hair, strong arms, infectious laughter, great body or unshakable sense of loyalty. If there is one thing I know for sure (now, even I sound like Oprah!) is that there is something so unique and fantastic about you and I want you to tell me and the world what that is!
For me, I love my legs! Surprising now, isn’t it? I know, it was a tough choice but I thought it’s a practical choice as these legs are pretty strong! They carried me through all the rigorous work-outs and trainings I had to pass thru the years, they walked me through all the trials and tribulations and they danced me through all the special and unforgettable moments of my life!
Tell me my darling, what do you like what about yourself?

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