Twenty York Loves Ashelle of Pink Beautiful Love

On Style and Fashion…

What and who influences your style? 

I never really considered myself a “fashionista“. 

People always tended to associate me with fashion and I went along with it because I see it as a great form of expression.  My mood is a huge contributor to what influences my style choices.  Some days I will just want to be comfy, go to my “dark side” or put together something cute and trendy. I’ve turned our spare bedroom into a dressing room/walk-in closet/guest room which is full of so many different items that it would be hard to pinpoint a specific style.  External influences would be the countless  of favourite outfits seen and modified from: TV, Magazines, Blogs and on the Streets.
What’s your favourite outfit you’ve ever worn? 

In the last week… A Floral Jumper.  It’s not exactly warm enough to wear this but there was one sunny day last week that I was able to pull it off.  Having the sun on my leg and arms felt so good.  Now whenever I see that jumper, it just makes me smile.  There’s also a few favourite items hanging in my closet right now like a Tutu Skirt from Japan, given to me by my dad.  

Any childhood or early fashion memory? 

As a little girl, I always wanted to wear skirts or dresses,  never pants.  The closest things to pants would be spandex tights with an oversized shirt.  My favourite skirt was a hot pink three tiered mini with bright stars lining the bottom of each layer.  At least that’s the one I can remember as being my favourite.    

A more sentimental memory is going through my Nanny’s jewelry box.  It was always one of the many things that I looked forward to when I would go over to her place.  While I riffled through her treasures, she would tell me stories about where she got the piece and what it looks good with.  

Gotta ask this just for fun, fashion pet peeves?

When you sit down then your thong decides to show itself and not necessarily in a “sexy way”.   Even though I know that I am a huge violator of this peeve, at least I’m trying to avoid it by pulling my shirts down and pants up whenever I sit.  It’s such a self-conscious thing, that I even do it on the CBR600 when stopped at a red light. 

On Blogging…

Why and When did you started Blogging?

The day that I opened my Blogger account was with two of my bestest friends: Krista and Jaclyn.  For a few years, Krista had been lightly pushing me to blog.  As soon as I signed up, I knew it was the beginning of a hard-core addiction.  The name “Pink Beautiful Love” just came to me after Krista warned that the web-page name cannot be changed.  Quickly, I thought of three words that I enjoyed most.  Maybe not the most original name, but I like it.  

{Jaclyn, Krista & Myself}

What makes you come back to visit a blog? Do you have blog(s)/blogger(s) inspiration? 

What I enjoy most about blogging is the people you meet and the sense of community.   I enjoy many different kinds of blogs, from fashion to personal to photography.  I considered all the people on my reading list to be creative, nice personalities, well written and interesting. There is so many blogs that I would consider inspirations, so I will just name a few:

  • The Closet Narcissist is a blog done by two amazing ladies, Kam & Jen.  These two women are my inspiration to continue my journey towards loving and being comfortable with myself.  There are many posts that not only encourage a positive self-image but will give advice and personal stories on reaching “self love”.   Plus, not  only are these lovely ladies inspiring, they are so nice and just helped me out by creating my first blog buttons.  How sweet is that?!

  • One fierce fashionista that I adore is, Alicia Fashionista, a BC beauty who was recommended to me by Krista.  Alicia was the first fashion blogger that I started following and one of my favourites.  She has an amazing sense of style and her passion shines through in every post that she does.  The thing I enjoy most about Alicia’s style is how sweet and feminine it is.  Any time she is in the Ottawa area, I would love to go shopping with her and to share her tips


  • I must admit, that the most influential blogger is the one who started it all, my friend, Krista.  As a friend, Krista grounds me during my crazy moments as well as giving the much need words or wisdom.  As a blogger, Krista reminds me that it’s for the joy of blogging not the stats or comments received.  As an artist, I’m inspired by all of the art she does: painting, photography and writing, to name a few.  Krista is awesome.  

I’m nosy, what do you really do for a living? Would you blog full-time?

Behavioural Management.  

I would love to blog part-time while getting more involved with art and charities.  My dream was to be an artist. One day I might be able to do that.  

On Lovin’ Life…
What 3 things do you wish someone had told you when you were younger?

This is a hard to answer…  most people that know me, will say something along the lines that I can give good advice but never take it.  So maybe the first thing someone should have drilled through my thick skull is that you must “do what you preach”.  Another message, which The Closet Narcissist was kind enough to send me in a necklace form is that “you don’t have to be perfect”.  This is something that even though people have said it to me in the past, it’s hard to do.  Lastly, “it’s okay to say: no”… And, you can take that however you want.  But what I’m talking not doing things that will make other people happy while you are unhappy doing those things.  I think we can all relate to doing things we don’t like in order to make someone else happy or avoid conflict.  

What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?  

You know I’m boring when the answer to this question is: buying a house with my Love.  But let me tell you, that the continuous quirks you find in a house is an adventure.  Not to mention the interesting facts you find out about your love after you’ve made that 25-year commitment.  For instance, I’m shocked at his choice on political party and we continue to have a poster war on our lawn until May 2nd. 

Describe your perfect day/perfect vacation?

A hot and sunny summer day at an ocean side beach with loved ones.  Just chilling with cold drinks and good music.  

3 Things I can’t live without:
1. iPhone
2. iMac
3. Toothbrush 

Fill in the blanks…

Whenever I’m bored I usually… turn on the computer.

Don’t tell my husband but I love… to play with the XBox when he is out of the house.

This year, I want… to renovate my bathroom and dressing/guest room.

If I had superpowers, it would be… to fly.

I wished that Twenty York Street asked me about… my adorable feathered and furry critters. 

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