The Pajama Project Round-up

There is something about taking on a project (a mystery one at that), adding your own personal twist to it and completing is successfully, yes?! I am so proud to share with you the very first round-up for April Issue of The Pajama Project!

Thank you ladies who pj’s!
Mae Luu of thereafterish.

Kimberly of Fashion Momma

Ashelle of Pink Beautiful Love

(p.s. It’s a Reversed Snuggie folks! Talk about stylin’ it!)
Do you have what it takes to take your own version of Pajama, style it up and showcase it to the world? If so, get ready ladies and gents, the second edition of The Pajama Project April Issue is coming up this 3rd Monday of the month at Shawnette’s blog!

All you have to do is grab a button of The Pajama Project (posts are up every 1st Monday and 3rd Monday of the month), place on your sidebar and head to Shawnette’s blog on Monday, April 18th, to leave a link to your PJ post!
Isn’t that as sweet and easy as apple pie?

p.s. I’m actually not certain if making applie pie is easy but I do know eating one is!

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