DIY Turban Headband

Ciao fellow fashionistas! It’s Emily from Tinfoils Tiaras here to share a cheap and cheerful tip on how to turn your favourite scarf into this season’s hottest trend- the turban headband

Step 1: Choose your scarf.  I buy most my scarves at second hand shops for under $5, hence my expansive and colourful collection.  

Step 2: Lay out your scarves and comb your hair before taking photos

Step 3: Fold the scarves into thick rectangles.  For square shaped scarves (like the leopard print), fold the corners into the centre.  

Step 4: Place the middle of the folded scarf behind your head and hold the ends.

Step 5: Cross the ends of the scarf high on your forehead.

Step 6: Cross the ends of the scarf again, bringing the ends back from where they started off and don’t grimace and look like you’re having fun!

Step 7: Tuck the ends into the back of the scarf or if they are long enough, tie or fasten with a clip.

Step 8: Pick an outfit that contemplates your new turban headband and voila! You’re ready to hit the town with your stylish new accessory!

If you want to check out the moving images gif I made here’s the link: