A 10×10 Challenge: 10×10 STYLE SERIES

Before jetting off for her fabulous vacation,  Marilou sent me a great fashion post idea.  A new fashion store favourite of ours is Ricki’s which is a sells great outfits for work and casual wear.  What I enjoy about Ricki’s is the classic style, many of the items you purchase can last for more than one season.  On the website, there is a 10×10 fashion guide.  Guides like these are great for ideas and inspiration when putting together items in different ways.
This guide gave us an idea for a Fashion Challenge!
The challenge:  1) To take 10 items that you already have and remix it for 10 outfits.  Simple enough, right?! Well to make it even more simple: 2) these 10 items can be spanned over 2 weeks. The 14 days will give people the opportunity to break from remixing and even take a PJ day (or two). Also, to make it even more simple: 3) shoes and accessories don’t count in the 10 items.  I can hear the sigh of relief from fellow shoe lovers.
My picks for the 10×10 are:
At the end of the two weeks, I’ll be posting the pictures of the remixed items.  If you’d like to participate,  all you have to do is leave a comment here saying you want to join and add any links to your remixing posts.  So challenge a friend or fellow fashionista. I’ll be excited to see what people come up with.

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