Looking Up

Outfit details
Silk top – Banana Republic
Skinny jeans – Guess
Velvet blazer – Banana Republic, Gift from EM
Fur stole – H&M
Moto boots – Old Navy, Best 9.99$ (less 15%) spent
What and Where
Do you truly believe things can only go up from here? If so, I am in great company! Forget the stress and worries and the fact that this outfit is a total repeat (you didn’t really think I’m one of those who run to the mall and buy new clothes instead of doing laundry, do you? That was a rhetorical question.), I have some exciting news to tell you and some things in the brew (you have no idea how long that rhyme took me to do!). Let’s all hope things turn out for best now, shall we Boo?
I say: less worrying and more blogging!
p.s. I have been working off-site for the last few days and that is why I haven’t been e-mailing, tweeting or pinging you back! Okay, I don’t actually ping but I thought I needed to add another technological verb in that sentence. After all, you can’t do superlatives with only two objects, can you?
My slow mails are even slower these days, so please pardon me if you haven’t received anything or haven’t heard from me lately. I am around, just buried underneath a huge pile of work. There is something I truly want to ask you though…
How are you really doing?