Fuchsia Madness

Outerwear first, of course!
Outfit details
Little black dress – Banana Republic
Purple scarf – Jacob, “Borrowed” from Sister
Grey blazer – Banana Republic
Gold earrings and necklace – Foxy, Won in Silent Auction – Gift from E
Gold cuff – Club Monaco
Pearl bracelets – Rings, Gift from LJ
Jewelled clutch – Banana Republic, Gift from Cham
Nude vernis – Chanel, Gift from Rebecca
What and Where
Guess who’s back?
Me, Me, Me!!!
I know J will probably kill me for posting these photos as they have not been submitted for J approval but I thought the outfit really came together with my new super bright fuchsia lips, yes?
I have to tell you however that the special event that I went to with this outfit on is, sadly, a funeral for a family friend. My Mom’s friend, Tita Nida, passed away from cancer and hundreds gathered together, along with her dear husband, Tito Lito, to say their final goodbye and to celebrate her wonderful life. May she now rest in peace…
I initially hesitated on posting these, not just for aesthetic reasons as these aren’t the normal J-approved high quality photos (these were actually taken – ‘willingly’ – by my sister’s husband, Ray) but also because it speaks of death. Perhaps the first time ever discussed here at 20 York Street.

But such is life, isn’t it? There is that cycle of life that we all have to face – when there is a beginning, there is always an end. If I only posted about the Pollyanna happy times, that wouldn’t be an honest reflection of my life now, wouldn’t it?

I am back! If you haven’t seen my (I’ll say it again… stop me!) pretty li’l head in your blogs, please be cross at me and tell me – “Hey ML, where have you been? I’ve baked some cookies and chilled some milk for you! What time are you coming?”

p.s. I heard cookies can be mailed!

Mae Lu darling, this is for you!

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