For My Closet’s Sake

Hey Twenty York Street readers, my name is Ashelle and I’m here to do a guest post. Many of you don’t know me, but there’s no theme to my blog it’s anything from fashion, family, friends, nights out, to emo and everything in between.  I was taken by surprised and extremely honored when Marilou asked me to do a guest post.  After my initial blushing faded, an anxious thought set in, “what will I write about?!”.  People who read and love ML’s blog, do so because she’s fashionable and witty. 

ML kindly responded to my anxious text, giving my the idea to write about what I’ll wear to Ottawa Fashion Week.  Not only was this a good idea but it was a kind reminder to start thinking about outfits.  A part of me thinks her suggestion was not only for this guest post but for the safety of my closet. You see, I’m the kind of person who thinks of what to wear at the very last minute and will usually tear apart my closet looking for the perfect outfit.     

The above is just one of the many playing dress up scenes that occurs at my place.  This one was right before the last Ottawa Fashion Week.  I will probably always continue to raid my closet just before events and on the occasional work day, leaving piles of clothes littering the floor of my bedroom.  But this time I hope that things will be a little different.  So I’ve done some research on the “top spring trends” and looked through a book ML gave me called “What to Wear for Every Occasion“.  Now my mind is full of: feathers, white, bold patterns, punk, and flowers. But what to do with all of it?

Above pictures from / cut & pasted by me

Channeling my inner fashionista requires searching through a few of my favorite fashion blogs.  It’s not about what you are wear, it’s how you wear it.  One of my favorite fashions blogs is Alicia Fashionista.  This beautiful fashionista is from Vancouver, BC and has one of my many dream jobs, which is working in fashion.  Alicia has an amazing sense of style.  Pretty much any positive descriptor you can think of to describe a fashionista, Alicia matches it perfectly.  Some of my favorites are when she is wearing hearts or bows, I’m amazed at how she pulls of these girlie items with such grace. It takes talent to wear things that we loved in our childhood and look great while doing it as an adult.   

Above pictures from / cut & pasted by me
Tiffany from sunny Florida has a fashion blog called “A Reason to be Fabulous”.  I don’t just follow this beauty because she happens to live in my dream state, but because her style is a lot of fun.  It’s a joy to see when she pairs up different colours in ways I wouldn’t think of.  Tiffany always looks well put together and original.  She also has a many DIY talents such a sewing and crafting which encourages me to venture into my craft room more often. 
Above pictures from / cut & pasted by me
Of course I must include the gorgeous Marilou in this list of favorite fashionistas.  You all know and love the style of ML.  She is always looking chic.  Every outfit she posts is perfect for both work & any semi-casual event.  I must confess that there may or may not be a plot to sneak into her closet and steal her clothes for myself… but don’t worry, eventually I’d return them 🙂  In one post she mentioned that she has too many dark clothing, well personally I never noticed this. Maybe it’s how ML pairs up her outfits with hints of colour or bold patterns that adds dimension to what she wears.  Or it could be the beautiful statement pieces that she wears.  ML doesn’t necessarily wear a lot of accessories but wears bold and complementary pieces. 
Above pictures from / cut & pasted by me
So, do I know what I’ll wear for Ottawa Fashion Week
Nope.  No clue.  
But at least I have some great inspiration at my fingertips.
The real question is… What would you wear?