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Just to show you how genuinely adorable is this week’s Twenty York Loves Girl is, I’d like to share with you an excerpt of her response to me when I requested that I interview her for the blog:
ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I’m flipping out- like jumping and bouncing. (and squealing). Yes. Interview ME? Yes, yes yes! I’m free- all the time for you!


I met Kimberly or KP almost at the beginning of the creation of Twenty York Street and right from the start, she accepted me with warm open arms. This lovely force behind the very popular and beloved blog, Fashion Momma is not only someone who is beautiful and endearing on the outside but she also radiates of positive energy and enthusiasm even in the midst of darkness. I remember the exact post that made me drawn to her even more as it was so heartfelt, so honest and forthcoming that I admired her grace and courage to write about something so personal.

I can’t tell you enough how much I love her! She has been a source of constant support and strength for me, whether she knows it or not. She is responsible for the huge surprise coming up in this blog very soon! On top of that, she is also celebrating a very special day in her life! Blessed with her awesome man, her darling Little S, all her loving family and caring friends (IRL and here in the blog world, let’s all take a moment to wish KP a very, Happy Birthday!

Bonne Fete Ma Belle Kimberly!

On Style and Fashion…

What and who influences your style?

I think the “things” that influence my style most are the seasons, my lifestyle, color schemes and my mood, and comfort level. I’m a full-time, outside of the home, working mother, a wife to a wonderful man that works night shift, and I’m constantly GOING. Whether I’m running out the door to take my daughter (Little S.) to daycare (and praying I make it to work on time), coming home to cook dinner, running errands, visiting friends and family, taking Little S. To the park, or going on a date with my husband, I kind of never stop. My style is mostly defined by how warm or cool it is, how I’m feeling, where I’m going, and how comfortable I’ll be for extended periods of time.

The people who influence my style most are definitely fashion bloggers that I follow and my best girlfriends. I have four best girlfriends (C, W, JR, & JS, for all intensive purposes) and they all define a bit of how I dress. C is classically chic- all.of.the.time. She helped me reorganize my closet before I began my blog, and she is always beautiful. W is sporty and timeless. She has an incredible shoe collection and can rock some skinny jeans with her kickbum legs. JR is the mom. Her style is comfortable, easy, and cute. JS has to pretty much wear a suit every day and then… when it’s party time, those simple but stylish little dresses pop out of her closet. All with different personalities and different styles, these women have contributed to the demise of “Kimberly in plaid PJ pants.” It wasn’t pretty.

As far as bloggers, I take inspiration, literally from 150+ blogs. I like to see what people do and mix it up a little bit. I don’t think I’ve ever done a completely inspired-by-one-person outfit, but I definitely will take a top from one place and a skirt from another, add a completer piece and make it mine.

What’s your favourite outfit you’ve ever worn?

Oh man. I have NO idea. Sweatpants and a t-shirt. OH, I lie. My favorite has to be my Christmas party dress from (smack in the middle of) this post. I was comfortable and felt really, really special.

Any childhood or early fashion memory?

A childhood memory that merges with a fashion memory for me is the day my little brother was born. It was the end of November and I was 6 years and 9 months old. Obviously, my parents were at the hospital, and my grandma was watching me at home. I was playing dress-up with clothes that were not season appropriate. When my mom went into labor, my grandma rushed me into the car. I was wearing a short sleeved, black and white cotton, houndstooth print top, that had a fake “school crest” on the left chest, with a matching mini skirt. I was SO COLD. My mom kept that outfit to remember that it was what I wore the day my brother graced us with his adorable and hard-headed presence.

On Blogging…

Why and When did you started Blogging?

I started blogging in November 2009. I began so I could motivate myself to get out of the “new mom rut.” You know, sweatpants, nursing bras/tanks, t-shirts, second/third/fourth day hair… I wanted to stay accountable for what I put on my body. I figured that, if I took pictures, I wouldn’t want to be sloppy. It worked (well, most of the time, anyway). I have lazy days. But, who doesn’t?

What makes you come back to visit a blog? Do you have blog(s)/blogger(s) inspiration?

If I find the content interesting and/or photos eye-catching, I’ll give a blog a one-week test drive. Maybe that’s not much time, but if I only see one post in a week, I’m probably not going to visit, again. Not until later, anyway. I tend to be mostly interested in style blogs that have a fair amount of text and photos (I probably write WAY more than I have pictures, but hey… what can a girl without a photographer do? Anyone wanna photograph me? Anyone? Bueller?). I also like to see/read something different than what is in a fashion magazine or on mainstream TV. Original ideas are key. If you’re a fashionable mom, I’ll probably stick around to find out exactly HOW you handle it all, because Heaven knows I barely make it to bed time. Bloggers that inspire me the most are Sydney of The Daybook, Melissa of A Working Mom’s Closet, Rochelle of Rochelle Approved, Collette of Statements in Fashion, and of course, the lovely ML of Twenty York Street. And no, she didn’t pay me to say that. She’s just that awesome.

I’m nosy, what do you really do for a living? Would you blog full-time?

I work as an administrative assistant in the English department at a university. I’m in charge of faculty and graduate student travel, audio/visual technology inventory and assistance, and other official clerical duties. If I was ever presented with the opportunity to blog full-time, I’d so jump on it! That would mean I could do what I love (write) and be home with my daughter (BONUS).

On Lovin’ Life…

What 3 things do you wish someone had told you when you were younger?

1. Don’t walk barefooted everywhere. Your heels will not be soft.

2. It doesn’t matter if your skin is oily. Moisturize, anyway.

3. Stay in college as long as you can. College is hard. Big kid life is harder.

What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?

I don’t think my mother… or mother-in-law would like to know the answer to this one.

So, I’ll pick the second most adventurous thing I’ve ever done! How about that?

Well, dangit, now I can’t think of anything else that’s adventurous, other than my one most adventurous thing. Fine. Let’s just say it has something to do with the art building in college. And my boyfriend. Who is now my husband. And we’ll leave it at that.

Describe your perfect day/perfect vacation?

Perfect day = coffee and eggs, couples massage with my husband, mani/pedi, facial, hair cut and highlights, unlimited shopping spree, 5 course (5 star) meal, and falling asleep in a California King, covered in goose down comforters.

3 Things I can’t live without:
1. Toothbrush
2. Toothpaste
3. Facewash

Fill in the blanks…

Whenever I’m bored I usually read blogs or go internet shopping.

Don’t tell my husband but I love falling asleep before he comes to bed so I don’t have to hear him snoring.

This year, I want lots of giftcards for every holiday, since I’m not allowing myself to spend money on clothes for 365 days.

If I had superpowers, it would be have dinner made, the house cleaned, and laundry done, with the snap of my fingers.

I wished Twenty York Street asked me about the challenges I face when I have to dress my ridiculously difficult and unique body type.

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