Snow Day

Outfit details
* Though not much of an outfit today when it’s snowing outside!
Belted coat – Kenneth Blake, Christmas Gift
Studded leather gloves – Banana Republic
Tall suede boots – Banana Republic
What and Where
I had this brilliant plan of moving and blogging, blogging and moving and in my head it worked out perfectly. I’d write a post in between lugging heavy boxes and download photos in between organizing my terribly dishevelled closet. Alas my friends, the reality is much messier than that that I was barely even able to visit you guys to say hello!
I am happy to report however that though not quite completely finished, I was able to make a significant dent on the clutter and mountain of boxes in our living room. I have about 7 minutes to wrap up this entry and post it before I start work so I just want to leave you with a couple of happy and inspirational notes to start off our week:
* My beloved friend Ralph of Shybiker, whom I have been drawing a lot of courage and support from, has posted a sparkly number that I have to say is absolutely golden and beautiful!
* Talent and creativity always inspire me and lately, I have been drawn into elegance and simplicity. Wait, haven’t I always been? Alright fine, I suppose that is nothing new but I have become good friends (if I may be so presumptous to say so!) with Kimmie, who is the cute brain behind Blue Paper Lanterns. I’ve been in love with her blog make-overs as they are clean, uncluttered and beautiful!
* Just a few days left before the official launch of The Easiest Blog Project Ever! 90 blogger friends and counting! Don’t miss out, sign up here!
Happy Monday Friends!
p.s. Beautiful seems to be my word of the day. I suppose I better stop in case I write another sentence with that word and you’d realize, I really have no rich vocabulary to boot!

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