It’s Never Too Late

… to say Thank you. I am sorry. and I love you.
I have been very blessed to have met so many of you, many of you who are now my dear friends – an absolute huge bonus to blogging, yes? You have been my source of inspiration, strength, courage, support and most of the time, online styling advice. Sometimes, I am stuck on what to wear and how to style things and all I need to do is go to my favourite blogs and voila, instant sartorial inspiration that I can try to re-create!

If there’s one very stylish blogger that leaves me (toujours) in awe of her sartorial choices is the beautifully elegant Rebecca of See You in Sweden . Her style and fashion – I can only admire from a distance because I know, I just don’t quite have that cool effervesence to pull it off.
We share the love of shopping, Montréal and hockey. Okay, maybe she loves it more than I do and when I say hockey, I’m loosely referring to the hot players in that league too. But I’m from Canada, so I am required to say I love hockey by law.
Today, it is never too late for me to say I am sorry it took me this long. Thank you for the beautiful gifts and the lovely card you sent me. And of course, je t’aime ma belle amie Rebecca!
Mon premier vernis à ongles de Chanel!
You know how I know we could be really great friends? She gives Papyrus greeting cards too!

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