Hot Pink Mess

Outfit details

Silk top – Banana Republic
Lace skirt – Banana Republic
Gold accessories – Gifts from EM
Suede boots – Banana Republic

What and Where

As some of you are aware, I am currently in the process of moving and as all of you know – that is one crazy, stressful event! In retrospect, should I have started sorting and packing my things a few weeks ago when the ultimate decision to move was finalized? Should I have shelled out the extra hundreds to hire some hopefully responsible movers to take charge of the boxes and boxes of stuff we (alright, I) have accumulated through the years?

Finally, should I have booked myself a nice weekend get-away in Miami and told E I have a Yoga Meditation Conference in Boulder, Colorado? Yes, yes and a resounding yes! But – as THE great procrastinator that I am, I did none of that. What I did was execute a plan, in my head, on how to pack my properties (not one is in the category of real estate properties but let’s not nitpick here people!), pack the long and hanging accessories in padded boxes, tissue wrap the breakables and manually carry the dresses in its original, appropriately picked hangers.

Sidenote: I’m actually not sure if there’s a Yoga Conference in Boulder Colorado but I thought there’s a nice ring to saying Boulder, Colorado!

So, as many good things that marinate in my head, this one remained soaked in and never implemented. But hey, it’s the thought that counts, isn’t it?

I’m sorry I haven’t visited you guys for a few days now. As you can see, I’m one hot pink mess right now! Once I dig myself out of the shoeboxes and the endless amount of rolled up socks (what can I say, Canada is beyond frikkin’ cold!), I promise, you’ll see my pretty li’l head in your blogs!

And oh, you signed up for the 20 York Street’s Mysterious Project here, didn’tcha? You didn’t? Nooo, it’s only like The Easiest Blog Project Ever!

Miss ya!


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