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One of the greatest benefits in having a blog, as you most if not all of you will agree, is meeting fantastic individuals. If you are fortunate enough, you encounter so many talented bloggers, creative spirits and beautiful people from the inside and out. I think I have been extremely lucky, as I have met so many of you guys who are really wonderful, supportive and generous that I feel blessed to have been friends with so many of you.

One such great friend is the gracious talent behind Chic & Posh Blog: Deco Magic and Spells of Charming Delight. This bilingual beauty, who is passionately devoted to décor and design, sent me a very sweet e-mail on Tuesday night that completely touched my heart:

Dear Marilou,

Hi! Hope you are ok!

Can’t wait to know what your challenge will be! Of course I’ll stay tuned!

Mari, looking at your header banner, I guess you’ve had trouble with setting the format without the pictures looking odd. I’ve done thousands of trials for Chic & Posh header ’till it was ok for me. Doing that, I learned a few tricks and that’s why I’m sending you this little present I’ve created for Twenty York Street.

I did it using paint! I’m no expert in Photoshop (I don’t even have it) but I try to manage the best I can with what I’ve got.

Hope you’ll like it, the banner is already calculated to fit your header. Let me know if you would like some changes.

A huge hug and my best wishes for you!!!!


I’ve had many offers to make-over my blog (merci beaucoup, you lovelies know who you are!) and help me with the header design and I thank you all so much. My friend Ashelle also sent me a very generous note that she’d be more than happy to work on the designs of Twenty York Street! It’s her birthday yesterday but it’s not too late to visit Pink Beautifl Love and leave her a Happy Birthday greeting! For the second day in a row, I’m going to just say it – I’m a li’l spoiled, aren’t I?

Muchas gracias Maca, muy dulce y amable de tu parte. Este regalo es un gran regalo para mi y te agredezco mucho esta linda sorpresa.


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