Outfit details

Knit sweater – Banana Republic
Lace skirt – Banana Republic
Vintage cowboy boots – Thrifted, the best 9.99$ I’ve ever spent!

What and Where

Here’s what I woke up to this morning blaring in the news:

A snowstorm that has already hit southern Ontario has made its way to the National Capital Region Wednesday morning, making for a potentially treacherous commute into the city. Light snow has begun to fall steadily since 5 a.m., and as much as 15 cm of snow is expected to fall in Ottawa and the surrounding area on Wednesday. Winds of up to 50 km per hour will also make for “near blizzard” conditions in many areas.

I look out the window and sure enough, there’s a massive collection of beautiful white snow everywhere. It’s like a warm (except it’s not) cozy, cashmere blanket enveloping the entire city with peaks of snow caps dangling on top of bells and towers. That sure paints a picture of a perfect scene for strolling on the frozen boardwalk with a hot chocolate in one hand and an even hotter man in the other. In reality, it was painful! Driving, walking and bussing into work this morning was a pain in the maximus gluteus. At least that’s what I heard.

Lucky for me, E was gracious and kind enough to drop mi island ass off to work and he promised to come back and pick me up tonight too! I’m a spoiled kitty, aren’t I?
Awww, yes I know!

How are you guys doing today?

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