And The Winner Is…

Congratulations to Twenty York Street’s

I swear this post is not extremely delayed because I am trying to build suspense… that’s reserve for my poorly chosen outfits that I’m not quite sure if I should share with you. The reason that this announcement is way overdue is very simple – this may sound like a huge shocker to you (okay, try not to giggle here!) but I am getting old my friends. And with that, comes forgetfulness. Hence, I make list, list of things to do, to shop for, to pay, to achieve, all that great stuff. It makes feel accomplished writing things down, it makes me seem organize and efficient, especially when I actually get to check things off my ubiquitous list!
Yet, sometimes I forget to check the list or take it out of my purse so that’s not much of a help now, is it?
Oy vey!
I bet you don’t even remember what the give-away was. I posted it here awhile ago and so many of you entered so I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who entered! Don’t worry if you didn’t win because if you like give-aways (and please do tell me if you do), I’m thinking of hosting another one in the exciting event of getting 300 friends! That’s probably a long way to go but it would surely be nice, wouldn’t it?
Banana Republic’s
Ariel Braid and Chains Necklace

  • Poly-satin ribbon.
  • Base metal setting.
  • 12k gold plated.
  • Spring ring closure.
  • Measures 18″ end to end.

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