Trenches and Benches

Outfit details
Camel trench coat – Banana Republic
Cozy sweater – Banana Republic
Statement necklace and other accessories – Banana Republic
Watch – Guess, Gift from E
What and Where

Please tell me you’ve been having problems downloading photos to blogger too? It’s been a couple of days that I’ve been trying to post this outfit but everytime I do, blogger keeps directing me to a Cloud feature that I have no idea what is. I had to search for quick ways to fix it, one of which was to go to settings and change your blog editor to the old one. I did that and yes, it worked!  Though I would be amiss if I don’t disclose that there were obvious caveats to the old editor, I had to go back and revert to new editor after I’ve uploaded these photos so I can actually work on this post. I can’t change the size of these photos but at least I was actually able to have the photos appear here, right?
Ah, technology.

So, tell me, how’ve you been so far my dear friends… Do you find that you are back to your regular blogging schedule in the New Year or do you find it harder to post during these dark, wintry days?

p.s. Have you seen this give-away yet?

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