The Easiest Blog Project Ever!

Outfit details
Grey dress – Banana Republic
Moto jacket – Aerospostale, Gift from JoAnn (Thank you, thank you!)
Fedora hat – Forever 21
Leather wallet – Nine West, Christmas gift
Suede boots – Banana Republic
What and Where
Last night was my cousin’s LJ’s birthday celebration. (Here’s a beautiful coincidence – it’s my darling friend, Joann’s birthday too!) It was a couple days late but a celebration is a celebration, isn’t it? Especially when you go all the way to biggest Casino this side of the continent, wait in line for over an hour (and here I am thinking I’m too cool for school!) to feast on an enormous amount of food from the endless buffet selection. Special moments like this calls for an almost military-like strategy on how to dress according to the pounds and calories you plan to consume for dinner.
Hence, choose a loose non-clingy dress, preferably in dark colours or something in the black family. Oh you know there are variations of black, don’t be smart with me! Everything else doesn’t matter really as by the time, they bring out the candles, everyone is too full to notice your chandelier earrings, sweetheart neckline or reindeer sweater from Christmas past. Common sense tells you, my dear friends, that the belt is a mere pretense of creating a silhouette to the outfit but here’s one piece of wisdom I feel compelled to share with you because I care. In times like these, any self-restricting items such as belts are a big no-no!
On a very related matter and on to the subject title of this post, I have been collaborating on a blog project idea with the fierce fashionista behind The Farmgirl Fashionista and I am so excited to let you know that YOU are going to love it! All I can tell right now is that is going to be the easiest blog project you will ever do. It is not restrictive, punitive or tasking to your creative spirit. In fact, it is far from that. Another fact is that all of you and I mean ALL of you, my dears, can sign up and this project!
I say, sign up without knowing anything about it! Just be adventurous and throw caution in the wind! Even better sign up and co-host it with me and other blogger friends! It’s 2011 and it is time to shake things up a bit! I promise you, I am not going to send you in a furious frenzy choosing your best 17, 45 or 618 pieces of clothing, shoes and accessories you can mix and match for 28 days. Though we can call it a challenge, there is nothing really challenging or difficult about it. It’s more a project that will be fun, cozy and more importantly, it will showcase YOU in your all your comfortable glory!
Now, let’s see who lives their lives on the edge and just dance like nobody’s watching! If you want to join “The Easiest Blog Project Ever“, please leave me a comment below!

Happy, Happy Birthday Love Joy and JoAnn!

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