Positive Thoughts For Me

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Wool coat – Kenneth Blake, Fairweather
Chiffon dress – Banana Republic
Suede leather boots – Banana Republic
Sparkly balls earrings – Guess, Gift from E
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While I am always generous with my love and compassion (forgive me if that sounded pompous but I was told it is sickeningly true) towards others, today, I ask you to please send positive thoughts and prayers my way. As you know, I have been going through a rough patch these days. A surprising and unfortunate turn of events have left me in deep worry and anxiety that I am frankly disappointed at myself.
I always thought I am one of those who can roll with the punches – face it and fight it kinda gal. I thought I can go through this and come out on the brighter side, unscathed. I was wrong. I realize I suck at confrontation and even when people have blatantly done something horrible to me, I still hesitate and think (and think some more) about how they would feel if I do something about it. Sounds weak? Absolutely.
Tomorrow, that will change. There are so many moments in one’s life where you pick your battles but there are also times when you say, basta! Enough is enough and you have to stand up for yourself, yes? Tomorrow, I will do something brave and I need all the courage and prayers I can get. I admit I can use a lot of pep talk these days. Will you send me some, friends?
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Thank you for love and prayers!

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