One Elegant Winter Day

Outfit Details
Wool jacket – Banana Republic
Little black dress (worn as top) – Banana Republic
Ruffle scarf – H and M
Gold floral skirt – Forever 21
Studded leather belt – Banana Republic, Christmas Gift
What and Where
Guess who’s back and shooting? J is! After more than 4 weeks of hiatus, which included his much needed and long-awaited trip to Colombia, he is finally back and eager to shoot! So, come snow or high waters, shoot we did!
Barring frost bite and numbing fingers, we did it fast and furious where we ran outside, point and shoot and ran back as quickly to warm and do it over and over again! As I’ve mentioned in last week’s post,  winter makes this whole blogging business a greater challenge (well, I’m sure to my friends in California and sunnier parts of the world – this is such a foreign concept. Oh you know exactly who you are, you lucky tanned and sunned person you!) and I had this brilliant idea of just posting other people’s outfits and claiming them as my own. I realized it is going to be a tedious task copping their heads off in Photoshop so considering I don’t even know how to run that software, I decided I might as well suffer through this pain of posing while shivering in this cruel Canadian winter – all for the name my craft.
Pretentious, much?
The truth is, I just want to be able to give you something remotely good when you come by visit. Otherwise, I may have to start bribing you with home-made chocolate chip cookies and I’m not about to start learning how to bake anytime soon!
Hot off the Press:

Please do check out my interview feature at one of my favourite blogs, Isabel’s Walk of Fashion’s Girl of the Blogosphere, out today!


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