Night and Day

Outfit details
Colour block dress – Banana Republic
Cropped jacket – Guess
Grey tights – Banana Republic
Statement necklace – Banana Republic
Oxford booties – Brown’s, Gift from Maria
What and Where
J hates it when I post photos that are not up to par to his taste. That puts me in a big dilemma blog wise as a) it’s a pretty high standard to live up to and b) I do not always photograph great portraits! A lot of times, I am in an awkward pose, a crooked smile, a deranged look or frequently, just simply bad!
His objections, aside from the me looking good part has also to do with perfect lighting, composition, colour balance and all this other fancy terminologies professional (or pretend) photographers use. He particularly didn’t like these as they are too dark and though I agree, I really wanted to post this as it demonstrates the versatility of dresses – they’re a great building block in your closet.
There’s one other reason I wish to post these photos! I promised a very good blogger friend of mine that I will take part in her Petite Challenge #4:

Create a holiday party look using festive colours and/or holiday pieces without looking like a greeting card.

Without further jingle bell and with my sincere apologies to La Belle Elaine of Curls and Pearls, here’s my (very) late entry to the Petite Fashion Challenge, my very first:
Bearing in my mind that we usually take photos during lunch time or coffee breaks, I wore this outfit to my office. Blazers and statement necklaces – they provide just the right balance of professional and edgy, yes?
So what’s the verdict darlings (and my dear Elaine), to post or not to post?

Wanna win a Banana Republic Statement Necklace? Enter here.

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