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Yesterday I posted about craving colours and I don’t just mean adding a pop in between my blacks and greys but actually style it up in living colours. Why have I been living in the darker range of the colour family you ask? Well for one, I’ve always bought into the notion that black is slimming. But – if I have to be really honest with you (and with myself, sucks when I have to be honest to me), it’s the absolute easy way out to dressing up. You put on black and call it a day! Yes, you can never go wrong with it yet, you’re not pushing any boundaries with it either.

You know I’m all about testing boundaries, getting out of comfort zones and trying something new these days! I suppose reading Chas’ post (the chic and talented blogger of From Denim to Dessert) couldn’t have come in a better time as she featured a company that I am very pleased to hear about:

Zobha (meaning grace, beauty and brilliance in Sanskrit) is a yoga and fitness apparel company that offers a wide range of exceptional active wear. Form + function is the best way to describe designs that use superior performance fabric and details that marries effortless movement with classic cuts and fashionable style.

Zobha is currently running “How Would You Use Free Yoga Gear in 2011?”, a contest open to all bloggers. One lucky winner can win a starter package that includes the following apparel:

  • 1 yoga tank of your choice
  • 1 pair of yoga pants of your choice
  • 1 pullover or hoodie of your choice
  • 1 yoga mat carrier
  • 1 eye pillow

As you know, I have been teaching Yoga and teaching fitness classes for over 8 years now and looking back at some of my photos of me either teaching, practicing on my own or performing on stage, I have been in nothing but black.
Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Apparently, yesterday’s declaration: Stop being afraid of colours! I’m a grown woman for orange’s sake! resonated with a lot of you, so let’s take this one step further now, shall we? Wouldn’t doing yoga, walking, working out or just doing just about anything look and feel so much better in these?
Exhibit C:  No More Black!

The colour-block is a fantastic silhouette-enhancing design which, doubled with a criss-cross back detail, provides you with the ultimate support in any imaginable pretzel position!
A perfectly flattering and leg-lengthening cut that features smooth style lines, flat lock inseams and fitted knees. As a Yoga Teacher, I have to be able to execute yoga poses with precision so these pants are perfect for me!

Asymmetrical Zip Hoodie

Made of 97% Organic Cotton French Terry, this stylish and uniquely designed hoodie is the best way to warm up before and after a yoga class. Don’t you just love the black piping details, the rich colour of the fabric, the two-way zippers and of course, the cute thumb holes to keep your sleeves in place? Now, you can dance like no one is watching!

City Bag
Heavyweight cotton canvas fabric? Check! Multiple pockets for your various accessories? Check! Plastic zip for wet and sweaty (I know, I know!) clothes? Check! This City Bag is a fantastic versatile bag that you can take anywhere and everywhere!
p.s. did I mention that I need a new Yoga Mat?

Silk Eye Pillow and Case
Anything that promises me an experience that simulates Savasana, meditation or relaxation is a very easy Yes! This silk eye pillow gives the benefits of silk cooling against your skin, the aromatherapy of the lavender to release tension and uplift your mood. We can all use one, yes?

Now, going back to the bedrock of Zobha’s question – How Would You Use Free Yoga Gear in 2011? Since we’ve all declared this year to be the year of being fearless and trying new adventures, I would use Zobha to inspire others to hold that tree pose a little longer, soar to that eagle pose and lift your prayer up a little higher. I would use Zobha as a reminder to myself and hopefully to others to always be true to myself, to move freely and fearlessly but also with grace and compassion!

Are you interested in joining this contest? Click here for details and be sure to read the company’s mission and philosophy. I’m sold.

Good luck and namaste.

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