Annoncement Annoncement

It’s Friday and what’s a better way to wrap up the week than to give away some happiness! Alright, money may not buy happiness but pretty things certainly paints a big smile on my face! Oui?

Another thing sweet note that makes me grin is the fact that Twenty York Street’s Mystery Project has over 50 fashion and style bloggers signed up! Now, that’s what I call happy pills!

I also have a few announcements to make so, shall we declare some lucky, lucky winners now or let’s hold on to that suspense a little longer?
I’ll take your silence as a deafening Yes!
So, our first business of the day is one of the sweetest posts I’ve read recently! I received a very pleasant surprise post from Fashion Momma that not only mentioned my name and ‘my style’ (I know that is pretty debatable. Nonetheless, I feel cool!) but also spoke of me in a very heart-warming way that whatever troubles it is that I am facing right now, I feel more courage to go on. Thank you so much for these kind words my dear Kimberly (I call her KP!):

If you are not already a reader, you should head over to ML’s blog, now. Her style is impeccable, the photos are top-notch, her writing is soothing and inviting, and above all, she is a genuinely caring and real woman. Behind the gorgeous clothes, beautiful skin, silky hair, and perfect make-up, ML is a deeply considerate, loving, giving and supportive friend. I truly hope that you are blessed with people like this in your life, too.
Kim, you may not know it but you have been a source of inspiration and love. I would love for you to stop by and say hello at Fashion Momma (I have a feeling you will be seeing more of her at 20 YORK STREET.), better yet, take her very informative blog tour. I guarantee you, you’ll feel right at home!

Second in line is a fabulous give-away that you DO NOT want to miss! Truth be told, I am pretty picky about what contests or give-aways to enter that I rarely enter them. I never really win anyways but wait… maybe that’s why I don’t win the lottery either, I don’t buy the tickets!

Hence, trust me that you’ll like this give-away from a lady who seems to do it all – she works hard and blogs hard! Head over to Curls and Pearls to enter Elaine’s Dara Dot Designs Give-away for a chance to win this beautifully luxurious scarf:

Blue Grey Ruffle Scarf – Luxurious and versatile bamboo and organic cotton ruffle. scarf with leather detail can be worn so many different ways!

I’ve checked out Dara Dot Designs and the quality, design and colours are impeccable. So run, don’t walk my friends! Go and enter now!

Last but definitely not the least, I’m sure y’all know by now (I mean who does not know about Statements in Fashion?)about this latest news from one of the most popular blogger friends I know. The 2011 ELF Model search has been launched and I can’t think of anyone more perfect than Collette to be the face that represents timeless beauty. What is but the right thing to do, you ask?

Why, let’s all band together and VOTE for Miss Collette Osuna, of course! Remember, you can vote all day, everyday!

I know I said I will announce the winners, yep, TWO winners of the Banana Republic Statement Necklace Give-away but I don’t suppose you can take any more happiness now, can you? Alright, I have to admit it’s past my bed time and I realize more and more that blogging and linking is not that easy for me.

I owe you a rain check, okay? Sunday will be a good day!

love love,

The Easiest Blog Project Ever

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