What Lies Beneath

How do you know that a man really loves you? Like truly and wholeheartedly loves you? For me, it’s when that man designs and builds a structure fit to house and display some of my most prized possessions… my shoes! It still warms my heart every time I see as my shoes and my clothes are an issue of contention in our household that he may actually leave me due to the fact that his stuff no longer has a place in our closet(s). Yes closets: the master bedroom, guest bedroom, hallway and linen closet too!
Yet he created this piece of art for me, painstakingly by hand, despite the fact that he is not a big fan of my sartorial belongings. I love him dearly, no just not because of this… alright, exactly because of this!
I realize the post title shares the same title as the suspense/horror flick by Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer but I just couldn’t think of something more appropriate to convey the fact that while this shoe structure is the epitome of my ideal closet organization, what lies beneath (behind my closed closet door) is a totally different story.
So my dears, how do you know your man/woman really loves you?

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