Channeling Chanel

Outfit details
Oxford white button down – Banana Republic
Tweed jacket – Banana Republic
Floral applique skirt – Banana Republic, seen here
Men’s watch – Longines, Gift from J
Fingerless gloves – Banana Republic
Statement necklace – Banana Republic
What and Where
Have you ever woken up one morning and said to yourself, this is a changing day of your life! Wait, I think that is actually Dr. Phil’s famous line. Alright fine, so the line is not original but I think it’s a brilliant thought, isn’t it? People usually have that kind of revelation during the New Year, most of us go through that annual tradition of reviewing our past year if not our entire lives and then sit down to jot our resolution for the year ahead. That moment of completing that resolutions list is so cathartic, it is full of hope and renewed vigor that it is almost impossible not to believe that I will finally lose the last five pounds!
Alas, the second month of the new year (in my case, the second week of January) is a real litmus test to your commitment and endurance and if past is indeed the crystal ball of the future, then we can all imagine how dusty my bathroom scale will be. In fact, it is not even in the bathroom anymore, I thought it didn’t belong there so I slid it under the bed right where my forgotten hopes and dreams are hidden!
What I want to tell you though is that I had this revelation that is so fantastic (yet cliche I’m sure) I really want to share it with you though I have a feeling you will tell me: Bah, you just realized that? When one is so wrapped up in their own world or moments of un-amazing life events, it is hard to see beyond the dark clouds but the truth is, as y’all have written me so thoughtfully, you can decide to change that, not tomorrow or next year but today. TODAY is the present, another gift of possibilities so let’s seize the day and decide to truly believe in ourselves, be stronger and more confident through and through. Let’s Carpe Diem now, shall we?
Hmmnn… I know I’ve been running on a very personal theme these days, I just sincerely think there are things that just needs to be said, yes? If you think I should talk more about style and fashion though, just jump and wave! I can dial down on the pep talk and focus on say, the glitter and glamour of this outfit! Remember that colleague’s rude remark about me looking like a waitress with my black and white outfit?
Well, would you like to hear the specials of the day?
p.s. Just one more thing guys, please join me in wishing:
Happy, Happy Birthday to my dear beautiful sister, Maureen!

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