The Thomas Crown Affair

I have to admit, I’m not much of a necklace person as I do love earrings, big time! I would be amiss if I don’t have a pair on during any given day and when I do, it’s a constant battle whether I should wear a necklace with it, a belt or bracelets. Biggest sartorial fear? Looking like an overkill! I find that as I grow older (yay, I know…) I tend to follow Coco Chanel’s rule on accessories and go for the simple and elegant look. It’s a bit of an un-negotiable matter too considering the conservative industry I work in. That’s not to say I no longer have my days of more is more is more! (There’s a very good reason I have 4 shelves for accessories alone!)

In Gold
Since starting this blog however, I came across many incredibly accessorized stylistas that its making me re-think my take on necklaces. Plus, I also realized over watching many Hollywood films, no self-respecting organized crime ever orchestrate a sophisticated heist for earrings or bracelets (save for the occasional ring). They almost always go for that ubiquitous magical necklace, don’t they? So, here I am trying to jump the statement necklace wagon and recently got these two beautiful pieces above.
And… I’m currently coveting these but I can only pick one and I need your help to pick The ONE:

Hard to choose now, ain’t it?

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