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Outfit details
Grey tweed blazer – Banana Republic
Skinny jeans – Guess, Philippines
Animal print blouse – Banana Republic
I Love Paris earrings – Dorothy Perkins, Gift from Pearl
I Love Paris necklace – Dorothy Perkins, Gift from Pearl
Men’s watch – Longines, Gift from J
Ankle booties – Gift from Maria
What and Where
I promised you the second part of the Seven Confessions post yesterday but before that, I just want to share with you these photos. I love them for a few reasons: one, this was taken in my office (we had to close the door and be really, really quiet during the shoot); two, these were the first shots taken by J’s new Nikon dSLR and three, don’t you just adore this I Love Paris necklace with the tiny replica of the Eiffel Tower? My very sweet and gracious Bestie from Dublin recently sent me a surprise that turned out to be a pot of gold (the leprechaun got lost in the mail, Sweetie! Sorry guys, I can’t resist the Irish joke!)…
Thank you so much Miss Pearl!
Alors, following the uber-chic Ashley’s lead (Thank you again for tagging me! Check Lions Lace Lattes blog here), I believe the protocol is that I tag SEVEN fab bloggers to do the same Seven Secrets post I did yesterday. Let’s see what my friends (I wanted to share the feature-love to those whom I have yet to tag here at 20YS so you can get to know them too!) are hiding up their frilled sleeves, shall we?

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Jodi of Day 2 Day Wear

Maria Rosaria of Venus Loves Virgo

Len of Orange and Banana Mondays

Marcela of Times Like Mine

Last chance to enter, win the Beautiful Callie Dress! Draw is scheduled for tonight:

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