Sept Confessions

Outfit details

Ruffled dress – H&M
Wool coat – United Color of Benetton
Black studded belt – Banana Republic
Statement necklace – Banana Republic
Suede gloves – H&M
Silver cuff – Le Chateau
Ankle booties – Spring
Men’s watch – Guess, ‘Gift’ from E

What and Where

Though this post is long overdue, I believe anytime is a good time to spill secrets, ain’t it? The uber-stylish Ashley of Lions Lace Lattes is a true Canadiana, not just with her sartorial choices, her practical yet brilliant take on daily ensembles but her easy going nature is an easy give-away! She takes fantastic photos in a very unique way and the girl got some serious smarts – hello psychology and neuroscience, your everyday ordinary ice-breakers!

So, here’s the first part, ML’s SEVEN Confessions:

1. I have way too many clothes. (Please don’t show this post to E, he’ll feel totally vindicated in his recent comment that a linen closet is no space for a grown man’s suits and trousers! I say think outside the box, dude!)

2. I take it back, I don’t have that many. I have to confess I was under duress in making that first statement. Your honour, please strike that off the record.

3. I have a love/hate relationship with my skin hence, my horror (sure, excitement too) when J announced, I bought my Nikon dSLR, Oy!

p.s. Some of you have been very sweet, thank you for the nice comments about not needing make-up, you
are too kind.

4. I love cards, greeting cards that is (alright, if you really want to be picky, let’s count credit cards and gift cards too!). I have boxes and boxes of all I’ve received for birthdays, Christmas and other special events. It appalls me to no end that people do not bother with thank you cards anymore, what’s next, anarchy?  =)

5. Used to hate ’em but now can’t live without ’em – I love you Whooga boots!

6. I wish I was always fashionable but even bloggers need a break from dressing up right? Hey, they never even noticed I was wearing yoga pants instead of suit pants with my blazer last week!

7. I looove sales tags! You’d be better off taking a five-hundred dollar item to the back and slapping a 50% off red sticker on it than hawking me some regular-priced twenty-dollar great buys. I’m just sayin’!

There’s a second part to this Seven Confessions tag so watch out for tomorrow’s post. In the meantime my dear readers, what have you got to confess?

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