Office Space (and Yola Couture Winner!)

Outfit details
Little black dress – Banana Republic
Floral blouse – Costa Blanca
Patent leather belt – Banana Republic
Jewel earrings – Melanie Lynn
Rings and bracelets – Generous gifts from love ones
Patterned tights – Tristan, one of the best tights I own
* Style note of the day – Outfit inspired by Matt, thank you. Jewelleries inspired by the Queen of Accessories herself: Collette
What and Where
My greatest fear justified, ack! While J (alright me too, just in case he reads this!) thinks the photos turned out very well today, it vindicated my narcissistic anxiety of high definition anything. I mean what’s wrong with blurry, out of focus photos once in awhile? That’s the beauty of Polaroids and black and white TV, they were incredibly forgiving.
Case in point: the very first photo is a direct by-product of this new acquisition of his Nikon SLR. As you may know, we usually take these photos either during a quick coffee break (forgoing nicotine high in exchange for blog glory, what can I say, I’m a martyr!) or just before I teach a class at noon, which gives us about 9-11 minutes at best. When he texts me that he’s down and ready to shoot, I usually just grab my gym bag and scramble down. But not this morning, I had to slap on some powder and swipe my lips with some lipstick! Ha! You see that mother?!
Some of you have notice that I’ve taken some office photos and that now today, the building lobby. Why you may ask? Well, while there is a Holt Renfrew across the street with a gorgeous holiday display window, when you have 11 minutes or less to shoot, prime location is not exactly in the a la carte menu.
On more exciting news! For the winner of the Yola Couture Callie Dress Give-away, Yolande Deschenes, the designer herself has picked the name of one lucky Twenty York Street follower!
Drum roll please…
And the winner is:
***Congratulations and thank you very much to Yola Couture for sponsoring this fabulous give-away!

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