Of Firemen and Fire Alarms

Outfit details
Trench coat – Old Navy
Blue tunic dress – Banana Republic
Suede gloves – H&M
Pendant necklace – Gift from EM
Paisley scarf – Banana Republic
Black patent heels – Guess, Gift from E

What and Where

I’ve been sitting here waiting for Conan to return to late night television after 10 months of being in limbo. It’s 1:10 am and I have to check-in in four hours for another travel for work. Yes, I should really be sleeping now, or packing my luggage perhaps but hey what’s life without procrastination?
It’s been so long since we last took photos and frankly, I didn’t know quite what to do hence, photos are looking sillier than usual. It is also the very first time we used J’s brand new Nikon SLR, D1100 something. Alright, I’m not even going to pretend I know anything about cameras so all I’m going to say is that it sure doesn’t help awkwardness when told, SLR high-def captures everything so you better start learning about make-up and applying foundation. Ack! 
As some of you may know, beauty and cosmetics are not exactly my forte and aside from the occasional blush and my stand-by mascara, I really haven’t used any make-up on my face. That may soon change as I fear every pore and blemish exposed with this new level of photography. More Ack!
So, I’m again my darling friends but not for long. I do have some very exciting posts lined-up for you, exciting announcements and most especially, well-deserved shout-outs so keep in touch and I’ll certainly do the same.
Much love!
My best Britney Spears and Boa re-enactment.
I’m still lovin’ my bangs, you? Though I gotta admit, they sometimes reduce peripheral vision. 

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