Merci Beaucoup Mes Amis!

If you remember awhile ago, I started a post about inspiring everyone to take a moment, pause to think about the people and things that we have to be grateful about. We are blessed in so many ways aren’t we? Case in point, we all have the ability and resources to blog and to therefore have the privilege to belong to a community of like-minded, supportive and of course, stylish individuals. And if we are fortunate, we forge friendships that may transcend beyond URL and HTML, I know I have
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So, just before we get to the spirit of Christmas (Hanukkah, Eid and other Holiday traditions included) and American Thanksgiving, let’s get into the spirit of gratitude. Here’s five things I’m thankful for these days:
1. Friends. In Real Life, In Blog Life. Thank you to every single one of you (yes, you too Ikram!) who takes the time to visit Twenty York Street. Thank you to friends who are far-away and those who are near and dear.
2. Electronic seat warmer. Incredibly valuable in Canadian winters.
3. Strong legs. You may not see underneath these warm tights but I do have strong legs that can pump a huge amount of weights that may surprise you. Please God, let them be fit and toned forever. Without me having to slave at the gym of course ‘coz then this plea is moot, ain’t it?
4. Blogs without word verification. Yup, I’m grateful for them too! (What can I say, it’s pretty easy to please me!)
5. E. 
So my friends, what are you thankful for these days? If you’ve been tagged, I want to see your gratitude list too!
E’s first ever premiere at Twenty York Street:
p.s. He doesn’t exactly know I posted this and if he does, I’m sure he’ll be red mad. More for choosing this photo (he’s a little sensitive with the salt and pepper hair) than actually posting it. I think he is absolutely gorgeous, don’t you?

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