Grey is The Colour of Platinum

Or is it – platinum is the colour of platinum? Either way, this post really isn’t about platinum anyway, though I wish it is! It is about loving my newest pea coat from United Colors of Benetton! As some of you may recall, I had to unfortunately return a recently purchased wool coat at UCB as the fibers started piling a lot that it aging the item rather quickly. The staff at the store, especially the sweet and chic Lasha has been fantastic and has provided me this pea coat in exchange, how brilliant is that?
This is my first time wearing it and I can tell that this is going to get a lot of cameo role here at Twenty York Street! Thank you again Lasha, you have been incredibly helpful every single time!
On another note, I am boarding my train in half an hour to go back to Montréal! But before I go, I want to send my warmest greetings to someone who is celebrating a special occasion. She is one strong, confident, generous, thoughtful, talented and absolutely hard working woman and without her, I wouldn’t be here today. Thank you for everything and…  
Happy, Happy Birthday Mother! We wish you all the best in life as you more than deserve it!
Maligayang Bati Nanay!

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