Furry Friend

Outfit details
Suede jacket – Banana Republic
Silk top – Banana Republic
Skinny jeans – Guess, Gift from Pearl
Fur stole – H&M
Suede boots – Old Navy, bought for $9.99, less 15% off!
Suede gloves – H&M
What and Where
I haven’t been into fur or animal print or any of the wild stuff before BUT call me a convert! This season, I am loving the look big time! I know a lot of blogger friends have the same exact fur stole that I have and I know the very stylish Jen, who is currently hosting a brilliant Lanvin + H&M give-away (oh, you better head on there asap!), recently rocked this look as well!
Pardon me lovelies but I’m getting old! I meant to link y’all who has this furry friend but I can’t seem to find my list, so if you do have this great buy from H&M and posted about it, can you please let me know?
I am having a terribly challenging time at work these days and its making me unhappy which is a hugely upsetting thing, with Christmas and all! Why do people feel the need to back stab others and step on them to get ahead? I hope and pray that all of you are doing well – in love, at work and in your personal lives!
Big hugs from Canada!

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