Flower of Distraction

Outfit details
Wool coat – United Colours of Benetton
Flower brooch – Ardene
Purple tights – Esprit
Belted booties – Spring
What and Where
It seems so long since I did an outfit post and I know you guys have missed it and I realized, I do too! Don’t you just hate it when work and life gets in the way of your blogging? I’ve had a very hectic last several weeks, it’s been stressful and terribly exhausting for the body and soul so I’ve decided to take some days off and do nothing! Well, almost nothing. I finished two books and sort of organized my closet. By that, I meant, took some of  E’s clothes in the closet, moved it to the linen cupboard and put some of mine as temporary holding space.
None of my list of to-dos have been crossed off but let’s not focus on the trivial, shall we? This post is actually double-sided, Side A: to show you this beautiful coat and to also say good-bye to it and Side B: to tell you about a certain fantastic customer service I’ve received recently. Backtrack about two months ago, I was getting ready for Fall and visited one of my favourite stores when it comes to high-end coats and apparel.
I visited United Colors of Benetton’s flagship store at the Rideau Centre and was given the most excellent service (as always) and valuable shopping advice by the chic and stylish store manager, Lasha. I was torn between this tweed-like coat and UCB’s classic pea coat but was enlightened about its unique details. The cut, the over-sized lapel, the quality of the fabric and the versatility of the design. I trust Lasha with all my heart, just one look at her (and her informative fashion video!) will tell you she definitely knows beauty and style and if anything, she knows coats and jackets.
So, home I went with this beauty and I’ve only worn it on several occasions as I don’t consider it my daily outerwear. All is good in my world until one day, I noticed the little fur balls accumulating on different sections of the coat. The fabric was starting to pile a lot, it was starting to ‘aged’ my coat beyond its years. Alarmed, I immediately went to UCB to see what can be done to protect the coat from further degeneration?
Let’s just say that Lasha and her staff were beyond incredible! Though we tried to see if we can brush it off with a lint remover, ultimately, the coat will continue to rapidly age due to its high acrylic content. I was offered a coat replacement, any coat/jacket my heart desires, of the same value for a straight exchange! If that is not a commendable, superb client service, then what is?
Thank you very much again to the fabulous and gracious girls at United Colors of Benetton, merci beauoup!

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