Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

You cannot believe how many times we’ve uttered this phrase when we were in Vegas and even though we tried stopping, that’s not exactly an easy feat to do when you’re dazzled by the city’s million lights and a little tipsy by the casino’s free-flowing champagne! Even more so, you cannot believe how many countless others were screaming (or mumbling at 4:00 in the morning) that phrase in every roulette table, every shuffle of a new deck of cards and every poker tournament! I told myself I shall not sing that phrase and pump my fists ever again but tonight, I just had to!

We finally picked out the very lucky winner of Twenty York Street’s First Ever Give-away! We (all to the amusement of E of course, not knowing what the whole brouhaha is all about), as in my sister Nimau, who patiently wrote over 107 names in a li’l piece of recycled paper; my Tita Eirren, who carefully ripped each entry and our little princess Erica, who had the honour to pick out our new owner of the BR Statement Necklace! As you can see, we decided to do this old-school – a good old raffle draw:

And now, the winner is…
Frances Joy of Mad Dress Game!

Congratulations querida!

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