Three Times A Charm

Commiskey from Spring Shoes – $34.50
Cyrisse from Spring Shoes – $24.98
As some of you may know, I have been in search for the perfect booties – great style, (some degree of) comfort, heel-to-floor ratio and price affordability. There are so many options in stores and online and the prices range from dirt cheap to jaw-dropping high for a pair of footwear that may or may not outlast its trend in the it-list.
So, what a perfect coincidence that the marketing genius and Aldo and Spring Shoes knew exactly how to twist my arm with a Thanksgiving sale and free shipping on orders over $40.00! As I mentioned before, you can’t be too scant when giving thanks so 25% off on top of the clearance prices seem like a great idea as inventing the wheel. Clearance prices + 25% discount + VIP 10% off promo + free shipping = happy, happy me at Thanksgiving!
Should I have ordered these instead? Cyrisse in black and white animal print – $34.98

Ah, savings! Let’s just leave it at that as power buys like these are meant to be enjoyed with a glass of pinot noir. And let’s also not mention the fact that on my way home, I happen to walk by the mall and aimlessly wandered into a Banana Republic… I swear I had no intention of going there, hence, my utmost surprise when the preppy sales manager asked me – are you here to pick up these sleek, suede Maritza pumps you put on hold?
Whoaaa! Destiny, is that you calling?
Yes, I’m bad I know.
Maritza from Banana Republic

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