The Happiness File

Outfit details

Watercolour dress – Banana Republic
School-boy blazer – Gap
Bow leather belt – Banana Republic
Leopard print scarf – Jacob
Grey pumps – Spring Shoes
Granite ring – BR, gift from EM

What and Where

These photos were shot outside our home when J came over about a week or so ago. I know they’re not the best of me but I suppose we all have those kind of days. I just really wanted to publish a post for a couple of reasons.

One, to let you know I’ve been away for work and that’s the reason why I haven’t stopped by to say hello! But I will very soon so please keep sharin’ the love!

Two, I just want to share with you some personal instant happy pills whenever life puts you on the fast and crazy lane:

1. Write a Thank you card!
Being humble and grateful are two things that will never go out of style, no matter the season!

2. Take a hike! (Or walk/run/dance!)
It keeps you moving, it keeps you fit!

3. Go ahead, take a big bite! (Chocolate, cheese, croissant, etc.)
Deprivation does not equate to happiness! It just doesn’t!

4. Hug it up!
A warm, huge embrace can rid you of any doubts, insecurities and sadness! Go make someone else happy today and give ’em a giant loving bear hug!

5. Yaya Yoga!
It’s not because I’m a Yoga Teacher and I’d want you to go all the way to Canada (although you should!) and join me in class… It’s because I know, taking the time for your personal practice will instantly put a smile in your face, that’s why I say, Yoga? Let’s!

There you have it, Twenty York Street’s the happiness file! Oh, one more reason I want to publish a post today: I want to tell you I luv yah!

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