Shift dress- Banana Republic
Fabric and leather belt – Banana Republic
Gold bangle – Club Monaco
Gold earrings – Artizan, Gift from my Tita Eirren
Smoked grey pumps – Banana Republic


One more reason why one should really shop in one’s closet? This shape-shifting taupe dress from Banana Republic! I reckon I must have had these for at least 6 months and have forgotten them in the elba that is my wardrobe. I remember simply picking them off the rack because I had to exchange an item and didn’t really have time to look for something and try it on. Had I known that it would fit like a glove and look like this, I would have worn it more!
Though I have to admit that I am having this style dilemma when it comes to browns and beiges. I was trying to find out what the rule is when it comes to coloured-tights and brown/beige/neutral shoes. Would brown and black go together or is there a better colour choice to match with these BR pumps, for example?
Well, due to the fact that yesterday was Wednesday and that’s a day where I need to be efficient, I had to teach a class at noon therefore, there is no time to ponder deep thoughts on colour matches – I had to treat black tights as my natural leg colour. Ignore it completely out of the equation and this is the sartorial result, does it work? Do tell me!
p.s. Did I ever tell you that these photo shoots are usually taken during our coffee breaks or at lunch time, just before I sprint to the gym to teach? Yup, J is thaaat talented! He manages to make me look good (IMO) even with ten minutes to shoot coz you know, we need the other five minutes to actually go and grab some coffee!
Photographer’s Pick of the Day

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